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Super Suite by WebAssist

Super Suite is the ultimate Dreamweaver extension collection and includes every WebAssist Professional extension in one feature-packed bundle.

What can you build with Super Suite?

SuperSuite by WebAssist
  • Complete complete standards-compliant CSS websites including pure CSS navigation menus
  • A content management system including a full-featured browser-based XHTML WYSIWYG text editor
  • Any type of website featuring digital downloads such as MP3's, photos, videos, etc.
  • User forums, secure website registration and user profile management pages
  • Complete e-commerce websites including shopping cart and store management
  • And so much more! Read our Super Suite review to find out if it's for you.

WebAssist is known for creating innovative Dreamweaver extensions. Their current release of the Super Suite Dreamweaver extensions incorporates all the individual WebAssist extensions into one discounted bundle.

Here's what's included in Super Suite by WebAssist

The following extensions are included in the Super Suite bundle:

  • PowerCMS Builder - build your own content management system in Dreamweaver. Control user roles and allow users to edit their own website.
  • DataAssist - builds complete database management pages for front end display or back end administration
  • eCart - a complete CSS-based shopping cart system for Dreamweaver
  • SecurityAssist - allows you to secure your pages from unauthorized access and builds complete user log in and registration
  • Universal Email - allows you to easily integrate user-initiated emails from your web page forms
  • CSS Form Builder - helps you easily build CSS-based forms for your Dreamweaver sites
  • Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor - quickly builds standards compliant CSS layouts
  • CSS Menu Writer - builds horizontal or vertical CSS menus that are totally customizable and cross-browser compatible
  • HTML Editor - inserts a WYSIWYG text editor for XHTML user input
  • Cookies Toolkit - enables the use of cookies and session variables for advanced website function
  • Dynamic Web Charts - creates Flash charts without needing Flash or any prior experience
  • Dynamic Connections - configure on connections file for all your Dreamweaver domains and databases
  • Framework Builder - a replacement for Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Toolkit Includes
  • Form Toolkit - validate user form input easily with Captcha and PHP server validation
  • Search for BOSS - integrate Yahoo 'Build your Own Search Service' into your sites
  • Pro Maps for Google - easily insert static or database-driven Google maps into your website
  • Surveyor - automatically generates both HTML and XML sitemaps for your website
  • Image Resizer - easily and automatically resize images on your sites
  • Dynamic Dropdowns - builds drill-down navigation so your users can sort through your data quicker and easier
  • Web Standards Advisor - performs website validation and provides recommendations for standards compliance
  • Site Import - easily import any website into Dreamweaver for backup or just to learn how they were designed
  • Site Sculptor - build complete CSS-based websites including CSS menus and content management system (CMS)
  • Social Media Toolkit- easily insert social media buttons so users can connect with you on the top networking sites
  • Theme-It - this extension allows you to quickly change your colors scheme and images without touching the code

Super Suite gives you the power to build anything!

WebAssist holds nothing back with Super Suite. It gives both beginner and advance Dreamweaver users the tools they need to create dynamic websites at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing to a development company.

The types of website functions that can be built with Super Suite are, but not limited to:

  • User registration - Combining SecurityAssist and a database allows you to give website visitors the ability to not only register on your site, but also log in, view protected site content and manage their account details.
  • Database management - DataAssist is the workhorse when it comes to creating database management pages. Through a wizard interface, you can create all the website pages needed to add, edit, delete, search and maintain your database records. DataAssist works with your existing Dreamweaver template, so by simply selecting the template during the DataAssist wizard, you can maintain the look of your current website throughout all the database management pages.
  • Create entire websites - Site Sculptor is a great way to quickly develop complete websites at the click of a button. With the familiar WebAssist wizard, you can select from a number of preset site structures, or you can customize it as much or as little as you want. Select the layout you want, the color scheme and navigation style, and you're done. Site Sculptor creates the entire site with full site navigation. Once the site is created, simply edit the content, add your pictures, edit the metatags and upload to your server. You can have a complete website in a very short amount of time.
  • Create standards compliant CSS layouts - Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor is a unique Dreamweaver extension in that through a series of wizards, you can create a cross-browser compatible CSS layout. You can select from a wide variety of layout styles to fit your need, and all aspects of the design are customizable through the CSS panel. You can include CSS background images in any div and CSS Sculptor also creates a CSS file that displays your website for printing.
  • Easily create CSS menu navigation - CSS Menu Writer creates horizontal or vertical CSS navigation menus through an easy wizard interface. Control all aspects of your menus including margin, padding, font, background images, hover states and much more. Save your menus and reuse them on as many sites as you wish.
  • Create dynamic FAQ pages - Frequently Asked Questions are a common part of many websites, and Super Suite gives you the tools to easily create a database-driven FAQ section in your site.
  • Build an online store - Super Suite includes WebAssist's eCart shopping cart extension, which gives you the ability to create a customizable shopping cart. eCart integrates will all major payment gateways, as well as local checkout services such as PayPal Payments Pro. Again, eCart uses a step-by-step wizard to walk you through the process of setting up your shopping cart, and it does all the coding behind the scenes.
  • Learn how to develop in Dreamweaver - Besides the great tutorials WebAssist provides, if you want to get your hands on someone else's code to see how their website works, Site Import can do this. Site Import allows you to grab all the files needed to create a local website installation and learn about how other developers use CSS, Javascript and Flash to build their websites.
  • Send email from your website - Super Suite's Universal Email extension allows you to send email from your website in almost any way you want. No database is needed, and you can send text or HTML formatted emails to a static or dynamic contact list.
  • Incorporate dynamic Google Maps - Pro Maps for Google is a great extension that makes it very easy to include static or dynamic Google maps into your website. Pull address data from a database or hard-code the address. Either way, you can fully customize the appearance of the Google Maps API.
  • Validate form input easily - Super Suite includes an extension called Form Toolkit that lets you control what your website visitors enter into your forms. You can protect the integrity of your data by making sure the values entered are exactly what you want. From valid credit card numbers to international zip codes to any custom filter, you are in total control with Form Toolkit.
  • Build XML and HTML sitemaps - Surveyor is the newest addition to Super Suite and it make it easy to build and maintain your XML or HTML sitemaps from within Dreamweaver. Surveyor can crawl your site and create a complete XML sitemap or build an HTML sitemap for you website visitors. Surveyor also submits sitemaps to the major search engines and you can even trigger reminders to make sure your sitemaps are up-to-date.

This is just a small example of the types of website function you can build using WebAssist's Super Suite extensions. If you are considering outsourcing a challenging development task, take a look at Super Suite first. Chances are, you can not only do it cheaper yourself, but also have the extensions available for future projects.

Super Suite Dreamweaver extension compatibility

Super Suite is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 on both Mac and Windows.

For more information...

For more information on the WebAssist Super Suite Dreamweaver extensions, please visit their website.

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