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Site Import by WebAssist

Site Import makes it easy to download complete websites including all images, Flash files, CSS and HTML. Import websites into Dreamweaver and learn how they were made!

Site Import is bundled as part of the Design Extender package as well as with the Super Suite collection.

Feature Summary

Site Import by WebAssist
  • Site Import gives you complete control over the downloaded files by allowing you to download just a brach of a site or even specific file types
  • No page limit on how many files can be downloaded
  • Download unlimited subdomains
  • The reporting feature detects broken links, images without ALT text, template child pages and more
  • Automatically recreates Dreamweaver templates used in a site
  • Pause and restart downloads anytime
  • Control how many levels to crawl, maximum page limit and more

Have you ever wished you could save a website to your local drive and have all the HTML, CSS, images and Flash files intact? With Site Import from WebAssist, you can do exactly that. Site Import takes all the word out of saving remote websites locally, and you can save entire websites including file structure and imported files in one easy operation.

Use Site Import as a backup utility

For simple website backups, simply run the Site Import wizard and watch as the Dreamweaver extension automatically spiders the site and brings back all the website files. Simply point it to your home page and watch as it collects the files and information for your site, saving a complete import report.

Site Import by WebAssist

Dynamic PHP, ASP, CF and .NET websites included

If your (or someone else's) website runs on PHP, ASP, Colfusion or even .NET, Site Import will bring back the browser representation of the dynamic page and will rewrite the file names and URLs to maintain proper link and site structure. This is an excellent way to analyze dynamic websites and figure out how they are constructed.

No download limit, full import control - even sub-domains!

WebAssist Site Import doesn't place any restrictions on the number or size of files it downloads. Download the full Wikipedia for offline viewing if you wish! If you only wish to download individual web pages or a certain type of page, you are in full control of what Site Import downloads. If your website has multiple sub-domains, simply tell Site Import the URLs and it will bring back all the related site pages.

The power to troubleshoot large websites

Site Import is not only a fantastic website importer, it can also discover any broken links, images without ALT text, list child pages and much more. It's innovative reporting feature allows you to review the entire import session and find all types of previously unknown website issues.

Site Import by WebAssist

You control the depth and detail of the import

Want to import pages just one level deep from the home page? No problem. Site Import can not only spider the depth you indicate, you can also control the maximum number of pages imported and whether or not to follow dynamic links.

Recreate Dreamweaver templates automatically

When you import a website with WebAssist Site Import that uses Dreamweaver templates, Site Import can, at your option, recreate the templates found in the website. This allows you to learn how professional Dreamweaver designers build template websites and can also save your bacon if you lose a site locally due to data corruption.

Learn new web design techniques from other websites

Professional web designers are not the most open at discussing their "tricks of the trade". Now you can find out how other designers build their sites by importing them with Site Import. Obviously republishing someone else's site is unethical not to mention illegal, but you can use Site Import to learn new techniques and put those skills to use on your own websites.

Site Import extension compatibility

Site Import is compatible with Dreamweaver 8, Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 on both Mac and Windows.

For more information...

For more information on the WebAssist Site Import Dreamweaver extension, please visit their website.

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