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SiteAssist Professional by WebAssist

SiteAssist is no longer offered as a stand-alone extension, and has been replaced by the Site Sculptor extension bundled with Design Extender. Site Sculptor is also available as part of the Super Suite collection of Dreamweaver extensions.

Feature Summary

SiteAssist by WebAssist
  • SiteAssist generates CSS-based layouts with standards-compliant code verified by Eric Meyer, renowned CSS expert
  • Import your own Dreamweaver templates (or ours) or use CSS Sculptor to quickly generate your own custom layouts
  • Integrate CSS Menu Writer with SiteAssist Professional for professional CSS-based site navigation
  • Very quickly build site prototypes from a wide variety of included website templates
  • Import and export layouts to quickly build multiple sites
  • Easily update your navigation sitewide simply by revisiting the SiteAssist wizard

WebAssist's SiteAssist Dreamweaver extension is for the website designer who wants to develop complete websites as easily as possible. Through a wizard-driven interface, you can create standards-compliant CSS layouts at the click of a button.

Define your site, click a button and you're done

The SiteAssist extension is designed to take the labor out of creating site structure and navigation in Dreamweaver. The wizard walks you through the steps needed to create your site, including page creation, CSS style sheets, navigation, color-scheme and font selection. At the click of a button, SiteAssist automatically generates all the code needed for a complete website. All you have to do is drop in your page content, upload the site and your website is complete.

WebAssist SiteAssist Professional

Integrates with CSS Sculptor and CSS Menu Writer

WebAssist SiteAssist Professional allows you to harness the power of Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor and CSS Menu Writer in your layouts. Use any CSS layout generated by CSS Sculptor in SiteAssist and quickly generate entire sites based on your template.

Integrate CSS-based navigation into your templates by using CSS Menu Writer. Easily make site-wide navigation changes and create multi-level drop-down or fly-out menus with the best Dreamweaver navigation extension on the market.

Include custom scripting and Spry elements

SiteAssist Professional includes the ability to use custom CSS in any page as well as use Spry elements such as accordian panels or tab panels in your layouts. SiteAssist automatically copies the code as needed, so your site is up and running immediately.

SiteAssist Layout Wizard

Includes 16 site types and 19 pre-built page types

Each website layout can be customized from 12 color schemes that are carried throughout the site. SiteAssist also takes care of the site map and footer links that are common for the type of site you are generating. All layouts are pure CSS so your sites are compact and table-free.

Predefined sites saved for future use

If you design a lot of websites for your business or for clients, SiteAssist Professional allows you save your layouts and reuse them at any time. Access your saved layouts from the SiteAssist interface and duplicate or modify your layouts at will.

Return to the wizard anytime to make changes

One of the best features of SiteAssist is the ability to go back and alter your site after running the initial wizard. By simply running the wizard again, you can add individual pages or entire sections to your website and the code and navigation is seamlessly updated.

SiteAssist comes standard with a wide variety of website themes such as:

  • Administrative (for order, item and visitor management)
  • Club/associations
  • Consultant professional
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Intranet
  • Medical professional
  • Non-profit
  • Online store
  • Personal
  • Portfolio
  • Real estate
  • Special event

Each site theme includes the relevant pages that would be required by the respective category. You can easily customize the pages that are generated, so if you don't need a particular site section, you can simply deselect it and the wizard will not output those pages or navigation.

For more information...

For more information on WebAssist's SiteAssist Professional for Dreamweaver, please visit their website.

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