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SecurityAssist by WebAssist

SecurityAssist makes securing your website pages and controlling page access simple through it's innovative Dreamweaver wizard interface.

SecurityAssist is bundled with Super Suite and Data Bridge

Feature Summary

SecurityAssist by WebAssist
  • Secure access to an entire Dreamweaver site or just the pages you choose
  • Build complete user log in, log out, registration, profile management and email password pages in one easy operation
  • Add Remember Me or Automatic Log In functions with one click
  • Includes Cookies Toolkit for complete control over cookies and session variables
  • Define custom groups to control page access based on login credentials
  • Protect entire site folders or multiple pages in a single click

Developing a secure website can be challenging, and coding user registration, log in and user profile pages can be even more difficult. Thanks to SecurityAssist by WebAssist, the job just got a whole lot easier.

Protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized website access

SecurityAssist is a Dreamweaver extension that automates the process of protecting secure areas of your website. Not only can you apply custom access rules to multiple pages of you site, but SecurityAssist also creates user log in, log out, new user registration, update user profile and email password pages all in one easy operation.

SecurityAssist by WebAssist

The wizard does all the work

SecurityAssist works it's magic through a Dreamweaver wizard, allowing you to not have to do any of the coding. If your website needs a secure section that requires user registration and password entry to access the pages, SecurityAssist creates ALL the necessary pages at the click of a button. Simply use your existing Dreamweaver template and SecurityAssist will insert the code into the editable area you specify.

Advanced log in and registration options

Log in screens can contain "Remember me" and "Forgot password" options, which can set a cookie to enable automatic log in and generate an automatic email to the requestor with their password information. Security Assist even gives you the option of generating random passwords on user registration!

Protect individual pages or entire site sections

To prevent unauthorized access to you web pages, you can select individual pages or apply the SecurityAssist Page Access behavior to an entire section of your site. You control the redirect so unauthorized requests can be sent to an appropriate page.

SecurityAssist by WebAssist

Rules based access parameters

SecurityAssist contains an Access Rules Manager which enables you to declare access rules based on session variables, recordsets or an other dynamic data. You can set your rules to include or exclude any custom defined group. This allows you to set individual access permissions for each user.

Advanced web session customization

WebAssist SecurityAssist comes with their Cookies Toolkit Dreamweaver extension which allows you to perform advanced user redirection, personalized shopping experiences, simplify form entry and even store entire forms in a single cookie.

SecurityAssist is easily the most innovative way to develop a strong website security program. There's no hand-coding needed and the wizard clearly explains each step in the process of creating your secure site. If you've ever wanted, or needed, secure user access to your site, SecurityAssist by WebAssist will make the task a breeze.

Dreamweaver compatibility

SecurityAssist is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 on both Mac and Winows.

For more information...

For more information on the WebAssist SecurityAssist Dreamweaver extension, please visit their website.

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