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Pro Maps for Google by WebAssist

Pro Maps for Google is the ultimate way to integrate a static or dynamic Google map into your website. There's no hand coding and you keep full control over the Google maps API.

Pro Maps for Google is also bundled with Super Suite and Design Extender.

Feature Summary

Pro Maps by Google
  • Easily insert a static or dynamic Google map into your website
  • Include driving directions from a starting point that can be manually entered, database driven, or entered by your visitors in a web page form
  • Show real-time traffic reporting for over 30 major US metro areas
  • Control all aspects of the map such as size, control menus and address markers
  • Include any code in the info window and even populate the info window dynamically from your database

Pro Maps for Google is an innovative Dreamweaver extension from WebAssist that offers static or dynamic integration of the Google Maps API into your website. If you've ever placed a custom Google map into a website, you know the vast options available that are not always easy to decipher.

Static maps or dynamic database-driven Google maps

Placing a static map on a website is not a difficult task. But if you want to pull address information on-the-fly from your database and show maps based on that data, it is definitely more challenging. WebAssist's Pro Maps for Google Dreamweaver extension puts the customization of Google maps into a simple Dreamweaver wizard.

Simple wizard interface handles the API code

Pro Maps for Google is by no means difficult to use. You simply enter an address manually or use dynamic database fields from a Dreamweaver recordset. Set the dimensions of the display map, the zoom and pan control and whether to display a scale indicator, map controls, inset map and real-time traffic reporting. Pro Maps for Google handles the code and inserts your custom map into your Dreamweaver page.

Pro Maps for Google

Latitude/longitude, international address and real-time traffic

Advanced features include latitude and longitude coordinates, international mapping and driving directions. Through the use of a simple online form, your visitors can enter their starting address and Pro Maps for Google will show them the way to the desination. Real-time traffic reporting is available for over 30 metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Control the Google map presentation

Pro Maps for Google gives you full control over the dialog box, with either static information, dynamic data or both. WebAssist provides a variety of address markers such as thumb tacks, pins, flags and houses in a variety of color schemes. You can even customize the address marker with an image.

Pro Maps for Google

One map, infinite addresses with dynamic data

For showing map information in dynamic database-driven sites, integrating the Google Maps API with Pro Maps for Google is hands down the easiest way. It is an inexpensive Dreamweaver extension that can save some serious hair pulling when trying to customize the Google code.

Dreamweaver compatibility

Pro Maps for Google is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 in Windows or Mac.

For more information...

For more information on WebAssist's Pro Maps for Google extension, please visit their website.

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