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Dynamic Web Charts by WebAssist

Dynamic Web Charts is a Dreamweaver extension allows you to present data visually for your website visitors in a dynamic Flash format. No Flash experience required!

Dynamic Web Charts is bundled with Super Suite and Data Bridge

Feature Summary

Dynamic Web Charts
  • Choose from area, bar, line, pie and scatter chart formats
  • Dynamically generate charts from database data or imported file
  • Includes built-in SQL grouping and calculation controls
  • Includes 4 chart styles in 11 color schemes
  • Re-enter the wizard at any time to update or change your charts
  • Includes XML editor for advanced chart editing

If you've ever looked for a good way to display chart data on a website, you can stop looking. Webassist Dynamic Web Charts is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to display dynamic charts using Flash. The best part is, you don't have to know how to create a chart as the wizard does it for you!

No Flash software or experience required!

Dynamic Web Charts allows you to present your data in a variety of formats, with the smooth cross-browser compatibility of Flash. The extension handles all the Flash generation, so not only do you not need Flash installed, you don't need to know Flash to be able to output great chart visuals.

Create database-driven charts in Dreamweaver

Data is imported into Dynamic Web Charts either manually, imported from a file in CSV format, or dynamically from a database. If you use a database, when the data changes on the server, your charts are automatically updated without any coding. Dynamic Web Charts works with ASP, PHP or ColdFusion environments.

Dynamic Web Charts

Custom web charts without the hassles

The charts generated by Dynamic Web Charts are fully customizable. Specify your chart type, dimensions, background color, borders, label sizes and fonts and chart colors. Dynamic Flash Charts integrates fully with Dreamweaver, so if you need to change the properties of a chart, it's as simple as clicking a button to return to the wizard at any time.

XML backend for power users

If you want to get under the hood and customize your charts, Dynamic Web Charts includes a XML editor for total tweaking of the code. Code hints guide you along if you aren't sure of your options.

Dynamic Web Charts Screenshot

Combine multiple charts easily

If you need to compare multiple datasets visually on one chart, Dynamic Web Charts makes the process easy. Combine dynamic and static charts, build Pareto charts and compare multiple line charts.

Dreamweaver compatibility

Dynamic Flash Charts is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 on Windows or Mac. A web server that runs PHP 5.2 and MySQL 4 or MySQL 5 is required.

For more information...

For more information on WebAssist's Dynamic Web Charts extension, please visit their website.

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