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Digital File Pro 2 by WebAssist

Digital File Pro creates secure digital file uploading and downloading on your Dreamweaver website through a simple wizard interface. Easily allow site visitors to upload files or restrict downloads based on your custom criteria.

Digital File Pro 2 is bundled with Super Suite and Data Bridge

Feature Summary

Digital File Pro 2
  • Secure your download folder from unauthorized downloads and restrict downloads to a specific user or number of downloads
  • Sell digital downloads with eCart integration
  • Allow your web clients to securely upload files to their server
  • Automatic file renaming to prevent file overwrites
  • Restrict uploads to a certain size, type or image dimension
  • Automatic image resizing and reformatting
  • Automatically delete files after download
  • Set session timeouts to redirect users to another page after upload or download

If your current or planned website entails delivering digital files such as PDF's, photos, ebooks, Office documents, software, MP3 files, video files or any other digital file type to your customers, Digital File Pro by WebAssist simplifies the process with no code knowledge required. Digital File Pro also shines as a digital file upload manager to upload files to a database or administrative back-end.

Easy digital file upload and download management

Digital File Pro allows you to completely control the file download process on your website, restricting downloads to authorized users, limit transfers to a specific user or even limit the number of downloads within a specified timeframe. Digital File Pro includes a server behavior that can be used to automatically delete a file once it has been downloaded. It also allows for page redirect when a file has been successfully downloaded.

File Download Wizard

A Dreamweaver wizard does all the work

A wizard interface makes configuring your digital download settings simple and quick. Simply specify the trigger action which will enable the download, select the file and folder and optionally enable a download counter within a database to track the number of downloads. Digital File Pro can easily be easily integrated with WebAssist eCart shopping cart and and Universal Email for a complete digital file download store.

Automatically resize or reformat file uploads

Digital File Pro 2 allows you to not only upload images, but you can rescale the images to your specifications. File uploads can also be reformated to other file types such as GIF, JPEG or PNG. Digital File Pro handles the image transformation behind the scenes based on your desired final image size and format.

Easily upload files to your database

If you need a solution for uploading digital files to your database, Digital File Pro works equally well for uploads. The generated code automatically uploads your image, document or other digital file to your server and updates the database simultaneously. Uploaded files can overwrite existing files or be renamed in a variety of ways automatically. Files can be restricted by size, file type or dimension.

File Upload Wizard

Allow clients to upload files to their website

Digital File Pro can be integrated with the DataAssist extension to enable file uploads in your data management pages. For example, if you wish to include a simple content management system for you clients to edit their websites, you can allow them to upload their own files and images for placement into their dynamic web pages.

For more information...

WebAssist Digital File Pro is an affordable Dreamweaver extension that can perform file uploads and downloads without breaking a sweat, or the bank. For more information on the WebAssist Digital File Pro Dreamweaver extension, please visit their website.

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