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DataAssist by WebAssist

DataAssist makes building database-driven websites in Dreamweaver a breeze. It combines a wizard-like interface with all the functions you need to manage and update your database without touching the code.

DataAssist is bundled with Super Suite and Data Bridge

Feature Summary

DataAssist by WebAssist
  • Easily build all the website pages needed to add, update, delete and search your databases
  • Build multi-column dataset displays using standards based CSS
  • Create many-to-many database relationships without coding
  • DataAssist works with PHP, ASP and ColdFusion environments
  • Easily create user-sortable columns and multi-level drop-down lists
  • DataAssist's easy-to-use wizard interface makes it ideal for novice web developers

If you have a database-driven website designed in Dreamweaver, you need DataAssist. This Dreamweaver extension from WebAssist creates the entire set of data management web pages in one simple process. Imagine being able to click a button and automatically generate web pages to add, update, search, delete and display data from your server database. It's a reality with DataAssist!

Not a coder? No problem! DataAssist creates all the code

DataAssist works through an easy-to-use wizard that means no hand coding for you. Simply select your database, select a table, and DataAssist will generate the pages you specify for managing your data. If you don't need a search page, no problem. Just deselect that page and it will not be generated. You have complete control over the presentation of your data, with a variety of included layouts. If you use a Dreamweaver template, simply select the template from the drop-down menu and DataAssist will build your data management pages using your template.

WebAssist DataAssist Screenshot

Complete data presentation flexibility

DataAssist excels at creating catalog style pages with the power to display your data in single or multi-column formats in standards compliant CSS code. The ability to visualize your dynamic data is included with clearly labeled tooltips to help you along.

Include Google-style keyword searches

If your website requires Google-style keyword searches, DataAssist does that too. You can combine advanced keyword searches across multiple database columns with price, date or number ranges, all without touching the code. Customers can then sort your data however they want with sortable columns that toggle from ascending to descending or sort with a multilevel drop-down list on any results page.

Advanced server behaviors included

DataAssist includes advanced server behaviors and server-side actions such as updating data from a Web service, managing relational tables or trigger data updates based on session variables. There isn't much that can't be accomplished with WebAssist's DataAssist extension.

WebAssist didn't forget the details when developing DataAssist. It allows you to put the finishing touch on your data presentation with features that integrate into the repeat region control such as alternating row styles, static or dynamic repetitions, horizontal repetition and alternative content.

WebAssist DataAssist Screenshot

Build a custom CMS in Dreamweaver

For those wanting to build a custom content management system for your site or a client site, DataAssist provides all the tools needed. When combined with WebAssist's iRite WYSIWYG text editor, you can implement an easy method to add or update dynamic website content without having to know HTML or have an HTML editor.

When building JustDreamweaver.com, we utilized DataAssist extensively in the administrative backend. DataAssist streamlined the data manipulation pages, and many of the content pages on our site were created using DataAssist as the CMS.

We just scratched the surface on the benefits and features of DataAssist. If you work with dynamic websites and develop in PHP, ASP or ColdFusion environments, DataAssist is the best extension you can buy to save time and enhance your website functionality.

For more information...

For more information on the WebAssist DataAssist Dreamweaver extension, please visit their website.

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