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CSS Sculptor 2 by WebAssist

CSS Sculptor is a Dreamweaver extension that creates standards compliant table-free CSS layouts through an easy-to-use interface. The new version includes a host of enhancements that will make creating CSS website much easier.

CSS Sculptor is bundled with Super Suite and Design Extender

Feature Summary

CSS Sculptor by WebAssist
  • Cross-browser compatibile with all modern browsers
  • Compact HTML code results in higher keyword optimization and density
  • CSS Sculptor includes 48 preset layouts including fixed width, liquid, elastic or hybrid in a variety of column and header configurations
  • Complete control over CSS styling of backgrounds, link states, fonts, colors, margins, padding and much more
  • Quickly create website prototypes with XHTML and CSS valid code

WebAssist teamed up with renowned CSS expert Eric Meyer to develop a Dreamweaver extension that automatically generates standards compliant CSS website layouts. With Eric Meyer's guidance, WebAssist CSS Sculptor enables Dreamweaver designers to develop fast prototype layouts that are free from tables. CSS layouts have more compact code, are faster loading, and allow for easy site-wide changes via the CSS stylesheet.

What's new in version 2?

The new features make Sculptor definitely worth the upgrade if you already have an earlier version. The new additions include:

  • The ability to automatically create equal length page columns
  • Include full-width headers on ANY layout, not just the layouts specified in the layout manager
  • Add fixed footers to any layout
  • Includes an automatic width adjustment
  • Rounded corner layouts
  • Add DIV tags ANYWHERE! The previous version of CSS Sculptor limited the placement of divs in your layout. The new version lets you put them anywhere in your layout AND FLOAT THEM!
  • Improved loading time and and enhanced user interface

Create full CSS website layouts in one easy operation

The CSS Sculptor Dreamweaver extension consists of a familiar WebAssist wizard format. Complete control over the final layout is given to the designer, as you can modify page width, position (left, fluid or centered) or number of columns. Page elements can be customized any way you wish, with control over margins, padding, backgrounds, images, paragraphs, headings and link states. CSS Sculptor generates stylesheets for both screen and print in one simple process.

WebAssist CSS Sculptor gives you the ability to save your design as a preset layout and reuse or tweak at any point down the road. This is a great feature for designers who may develop a series of similar sites.

CSS Sculptor 2.0

Includes professional layout styles right out of the box

CSS Sculptor includes 48 layout styles to choose from including fixed width, liquid (resizes with browser window), elastic (scales with font sizes) or hybrid (combines liquid and elastic) layouts with one, two or three columns. Stock layouts can be quickly modified to suit your needs depending on your website requirements. 11 color schemes are included and you can easily customize the colors within the wizard.

CSS Sculptor Layout Manager

Customize your CSS layout as much as you want

All CSS stylings are available within the CSS Sculptor wizard allowing you style page elements in any way you wish. Widths can be controlled in pixels, percentages or ems. Choose layout styles for H1-H6 tags including font, size, line height, weight, etc. either globally or for any specific layout element. Control pseudo-classes such as a:link a:visited and a:hover for hyperlink and rollover effects either globally or for any layout element.

Great for beginners and a time-saving tool for pros

WebAssist CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver is a great way for beginners to learn CSS design techniques and for advanced Dreamweaver users to create valid CSS layouts quickly. As with WebAssist's other extensions, there are excellent user tutorials and documentation on the WebAssist website.

Integrate with CSS Menu Writer

CSS Menu Writer is a new CSS navigation extension that builds standards-compliant CSS menus from within Dreamweaver. CSS Sculptor allows you to integrate Menu Writer menus into your CSS layout for a total CSS website solution.

For more information on WebAssist's CSS Sculptor extension, please visit their website.

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