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CSS Menu Writer 2 by WebAssist

CSS Menu Writer 2 is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to create multi-level cross-browser CSS navigation from an easy-to-use wizard-like interface.

CSS Menu Writer 2 is bundled with Super Suite and Design Extender

Feature Summary

CSS Menu Writer 2 by WebAssist
  • Develop unlimited levels of cross-browser compatible CSS navigation
  • Database-driven menus by linking to a Dreamweaver recordset
  • Automatically generate your CSS menu from your Dreamweaver site structure
  • CSS Menu Writer gives you full control over every aspect your CSS menus
  • Save your menus and reuse them in future website projects
  • Integrate CSS Menu Writer with CSS Sculptor for fast layout design or SiteAssist Professional for a complete website creation solution!

Create standards-compliant multi-level CSS menus from an easy-to-use interface.

Creating multi-level horizontal or vertical pure CSS menus in Dreamweaver is a snap with CSS Menu Writer's simple tabbed interface.

CSS Menu Writer includes 16 different menu categories for both horizontal and vertical navigation menus in 12 different color shemes for each. That makes for almost 400 possible variations right out of the box!

Take complete creative control over your CSS menus in Dreamweaver using the simple tabbed interface. Change the menu width, height, fonts, padding, margins, CSS background images, colors and borders for any menu item. Your website navigation is limited only by your imagination!

Improve your page load time and SEO with CSS navigation

CSS Menu Writer creates website navigation that is simple, clean CSS. The source code is compact, streamlined and extremely search engine friendly. Unlike DHTML and Flash navigation, search engines won't have a problem finding all your website content.

Web standards compliant CSS and HTML

WebAssist CSS Menu Writer was developed under the eye of CSS expert Eric Meyer to ensure the code was standards compliant and properly validated. There isn't an easier-to-use, more robust CSS menu extension on the planet.

Create a menu once, use it repeatedly

Menu Writer not only makes great menus out of the box, it also gives you the flexibility to save your custom CSS menus for use in other pages and other websites. There is no limit on the number of websites you can use Menu Writer on, and once you have created the perfect menu, it is easily deployable on multiple websites.

Easily modify existing Menu Writer menus

Once you have integrated a Menu Writer CSS menu into your site, you can return to the Menu Writer Manager and change any aspect of your menu and instantly update your site navigation. Background color not quite right? No problem! Simply jump back into the Menu Writer wizard and select a new color through the color picker and your CSS code is instantly updated. No muss, no fuss!

No limit to menu items or submenu levels

Unlike some other CSS menus, Menu Writer doesn't put a limit on the number of menu items or submenu levels. If you have an extensive site with deep site navigation, you can easily include links to these pages in your main menu without overloading the top levels.

Automatically generate your menu from your site structure

CSS Menu Writer can automatically generate your menu structure from your Dreamweaver site structure if you set up your folders in hierarchical fashion. Simply by selecting the root folder of your site, Menu Writer will generate a complete horizontal or vertical CSS menu including top level and subfolders automatically.

Create dynamic CSS menus in Dreamweaver

If you're looking for a solution to creating dynamic database-driven CSS menus in Dreamweaver, your search is over. CSS Menu Writer gives you the ability to use a static menu entered manually or generated automatically from your site structure, or dynamically from your website database.

Database-driven website menus can be powered by any Dreamweaver recordset, with support for nested dynamic menus. Full sort and filter options are available so you have complete control over your database-driven navigation.

For more information

For more information on WebAssist CSS Menu Writer, please visit their website.

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