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Cookies Toolkit by WebAssist

Cookies Toolkit is a powerful Dreamweaver extension that simplifies the use of cookies and session variables in your website. Easily create a tailored visitor experience, store multi-page form data and much more.

Cookies Toolkit is also bundled with Super Suite and Data Bridge.

Feature Summary

Cookies Toolkit by WebAssist
  • No prior experience using cookies is needed to fully utilize the power of Cookies Toolkit
  • Take complete control of your website visitor's experience by redirection based on set cookies
  • Easily create multi-page forms on your website and store entire forms in a single cookie
  • Set server-side cookies on form posts, button clicks or even page loads
  • If you need even more functionality, Cookies Toolkit creates session variables as easily as cookies

WebAssist Cookies Toolkit Information

The Cookies Toolkit extension for Dreamweaver isn't kitchen baking utensils, but rather a unique WebAssist extension that can take your website user's experience to higher levels. By using cookies, you can personalize a visit to your website, redirect users, store form data, automate user login or simplify form data entry.

Dreamweaver wizards make the job easier

Cookies Toolkit uses the easy-to-use WebAssist wizard and automates many tasks that can make your website more user-friendly. Quickly set cookies, set the expiration date and value either manually or from a form element. The wizard makes it just as easy to retrieve, display or delete any previously set cookie.

Customize the visitor experience and make a "sticky" site

The use of cookies on your website can increase site "stickiness" and retain visitors longer. The ability to custom tailor a session for each individual user can increase user interest and profitability of your site if you engage in ecommerce. Cookies Toolkit puts the use of cookies in the hands of the average web developer and eliminates the fear of having to hand code. The wizard does all the work and the only limitation to the use of cookies is your imagination.

Cookies Toolkit

Simplify form input and muti-page forms

Cookies Toolkit greatly simplifies the use of cookies for recalling form data, passing data between multiple form pages, enabling "remember me" functions in log in forms and many other tasks. If you're considering using cookies on your website but don't have a clue how to implement the code, try Cookies Toolkit from WebAssist to make cookies simple!

Cookies Toolkit

Cookies Toolkit extension compatibility

Cookies Toolkit is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6 on both Mac and Windows.

For more information...

For more information on the WebAssist Cookies ToolkitDreamweaver extension, please visit their website.

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