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ThemeDreamer - Create WordPress Themes in Dreamweaver

ThemeDreamer is a new Dreamweaver extension that makes WordPress theme creation in Dreamweaver very simple. You don't need a server, you don't even need WordPress installed! ThemeDreamer assembles the different WordPress pages into a WYSIWYG version of your blog that you can edit with live blog data in Dreamweaver's design view panel.

Feature Summary

  • No need to set up a local server to test your WordPress themes
  • No need to repeatedly combine WordPress PHP files, edit them locally, upload to your server and preview your changes
  • All changes to the WordPress and CSS code are displayed instantaneously as you make them!
  • You don't even need an internet connection, so offline development is possible anywhere
  • ThemeDreamwer provides all the common WordPress template tags, include tags and conditional tags as well as code and syntax hints

How does ThemeDreamer speed up WordPress theme development?

ThemeDreamer works it's magic by automatically combining the WordPress theme files such as index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php and style.css into a single editable design view page in Dreamweaver. The changes you make to any theme file are instantly displayed in design view with the WYSIWYG power of Dreamweaver. All of Adobe Dreamweaver's tools are at your disposal to create the ultimate WordPress theme.

Build from scratch or customize an existing WordPress theme

ThemeDreamer gives you the template tag insertion tools you need to develop full-featured WordPress themes from the ground up. If you're not sure how to insert navigation, post or comment loops, ThemeDreamer's enhanced code hints provide you with the correct syntax to use, parameter defaults and common enumerated optional values.

Customizing existing WordPress themes in Dreamweaver doesn't get any easier than with ThemeDreamer. It's compatible with most third-party themes and allows you to put a personal touch on your favorite blog design. Download any of the thousands of free WordPress themes available on the internet and easily customize them to your liking.

ThemeDreamer Dreamweaver WordPress extension screenshots


This screenshot demonstrates how a basic WordPress theme appears in Dreamweaver design view with the ThemeDreamer extension activated. ThemeDreamer automatically includes sample post data so you can visualize your blog as you design it.


ThemeDreamer gives you a visual representation of the WordPress files currently included in your previewed theme file. In this example, the index.php file is constructed using the header, sidebar searchform and footer PHP files. ThemeDreamer also provides links to the WordPress online manual for quick reference.


This screenshot demonstrates the code hints and syntax highlighting for easy insertion of tags included in the WordPress API.

How we USED to create WordPress themes and our partnership with Virtuosoft

If you've ever wondered how to build a custom WordPress theme in Dreamweaver, ThemeDreamer is your answer. Here at JustDreamweaver.com, we've built many WordPress themes using Dreamweaver, but our method of creating custom themes consisted of a local XAMPP installation with a full WordPress installation.

Prior to ThemeDreamer, we would preview our locally activated theme, copy the entire source code from the browser, paste into a new Dreamweaver HTML document, relink the stylesheet, make our edits, save the files and preview our changes in a browser. Talk about a time-consuming process!

After we found Virtuosoft's ThemeDreamer, we were so impressed with how the extension functioned and the immense amount of time it saved when creating custom WordPress themes, that we contacted Virtuosoft and have partnered with them in marketing this excellent Dreamweaver extension.

If you are a WordPress theme designer or just want to customize your blog theme in Dreamweaver to meet your specific needs, don't hesitate to get ThemeDreamer. Download ThemeDreamer and start building custom WordPress themes!

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