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Our free templates contain a link back to our site in the footer of the template. Most people don't care about an obscure link, but some want to remove the link to our site. When you buy a template license, you will receive a license code that you can insert into your site that allows you to remove the link from the template.

Licenses are not transferrable between templates, so you need to purchase a new license for each new template you want to use.

Buy a template license for $19.99

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How to use the license code

After completing your purchase, you will receive a unique license code via email. This code allows us to know who the template is licensed to, and if you have actually purchased a unique license.

When you start building your site, insert the license code into the <head> section of either your template or your home page for your site. Wrap the license code in HTML comment brackets as shown below. The code can go anywhere in the <head> portion of your site.

Template license code

Once your license code has been inserted into your site, you are free to remove the footer link in our free templates. We perform periodic audits of sites using our templates (which we find very easily), so please just do the right thing and buy a license if you want to remove the link.

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