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Designs and Graphics 1 Website Template

This is a NicheBuilder template for building niche websites with a Designs and Graphics theme.

This template includes website header images for these topics and more:

retro, floral, circles, curves, gradients, pastels, wavy, waves, blank, and more.

View template header images

Interactive NicheBuilder template demo

Add to Cart $29 - NicheBuilder Template System + Designs and Graphics 1 Header Pack
Add to Cart $19 - Designs and Graphics 1 Header Pack Only
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The NicheBuilder template system includes:

  • Complete NicheBuilder template built on the 960 grid system for easy customization
  • Dreamweaver Template files and linked HTML files with four different page layouts included: left sidebar, right sidebar, dual sidebars and no sidebars
  • Non-templated HTML files are also included for editing in any HTML editor
  • 40+ page user's guide with detailed customization instructions
  • 9 built-in color schemes and 100 different backgrounds (see all on demo site)
  • 960 pixel X 175 pixel niche Designs and Graphics website header images for circles, floral, retro, pastels, wavy, curves, gradients and more!
  • Pre-styled content boxes, lists, contact form, sidebar opt-in form, social media icons and more. Everything you see on the demo site is included in the Designs and Graphics web template!
  • jQuery slider, tabbed panels and collapsible accordion content for dynamic content presentation
  • Layered source graphics for slider images in both PSD and PNG formats
  • Over 250 FREE button, burst and icon images for use in your site! A $400 Value!
  • View the Interactive NicheBuilder demo site!

Build Niche Designs and Graphics Websites Quickly!

The power of the NicheBuilder template system comes from both it's super simply customization abilities and the included Designs and Graphics header images.

The template enables you to very quickly build a variety of different website styles. By changing the color scheme, header image and page layout, there are THOUSANDS of different possible types of websites you can create with just this one Designs and Graphics web template.

The NicheBuilder system was developed to make it super simple to develop custom sites for circles, gradients, retro, wavy, blank, , waves, or virtually any other Designs and Graphics topic.


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