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It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to launch a website. By taking advantage of the free add-ins that web hosting companies give you with your hosting account, you can essentially get free website hosting! The list below gives you five top web hosting companies and shows you how by only paying a few bucks a month, you come out way ahead. It's even better than free!

Best Cheap Hosting
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Best Web Hosting Value Plan

iPage gives you a free domain name ($9.95 value), $50 credit for Google Adwords, $25 credit for Yahoo! Search, $50 credit for Facebook advertising, an enhanced security suite ($100 value), free ShopSite online store ($20/mo. value), a free support suite ($50 value), free design suite ($50 value) and a free listing on At $3.50 a month, that only adds up to $42 a year for hosting.

$575 value

Cost: $3.50/mo


Cheap Hosting
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Over 2,500,000 Hosted Domains

HostGator is synonymous with reliability, and their hosting plans include $100 in Google AdWords credit, free SiteBuilder and SiteStudio utilities ($50 value), 4,500 free website template to choose from (priceless). At $4.95 a month for the Hatchling plan on a 2-year agreement, that costs $59.40 a year for hosting.

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$500+ value

Cost: $4.95/mo


Best Green Hosting
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Best Green Web Hosting

If you want essentially free hosting and also want to save the planet, FatCow offers a $50 Google ad credit, $25 Yahoo ad credit, $50 Facebook ad credit, a free listing, a free 60-day trial to RatePoint feedback service, free ShopSite store integration ($20/mo. value), free Google Webmaster tools integration, and a free site builder ($50 value). Hosting is only $3.67 a month for a total of $44 a year.

$415 value

Cost: $3.67/mo


Best cPanel Hosting
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Best cPanel Web Hosting

JustHost gives you $50 in MySpace credits, $50 in Google ad credits, $25 in Yahoo ad credits, $25 in Miva credits, $20 in free BidVertiser clicks, $50 in Facebook ad credits, a free domain name ($9.95 value), a free site builder ($50 value), and an anytime money back guarantee. At $3.45 a month, that's only $41.40 a year for hosting.

$280 value

Cost: $3.45/mo


Cheap VPS Hosting
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750,000 Domains and Growing

HostMonster is another large player in the web hosting industry. They're low-cost hosting plan features $25 in free Yahoo credits, $50 in free Google credits, free site builder ($50 value), free search engine submission, a free domain name ($9.95 value), unlimited server space and domains, free e-commerce features and more. At $6.95 a month, that's $83.40 a year for hosting but their support is more than worth the extra cost.

$130+ value

Cost: $6.95/mo for ultimate support



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What you need to know about free web hosting

Let's face it, we all like free. But when it comes to free web hosting, the REAL free hosting always comes with a price. Here's why you're better off buying a low-cost web hosting account from one of the companies above than hosting your website with any other host:

  • Free web hosting means the hosting provider has to have a way to pay for servers, bandwidth, employees, software, power backups and all the other equipment needed to run a hosting company. That means they're going to serve ADVERTISEMENTS on your website whether you like it or not.
  • You have no control over the ads shown on free hosts, so the content that you work so hard to create will only serve to make money for your hosting company. You could have paid for a cheap hosting plan and put your own ads on your site and made enough money to more than offset the cost of your hosting account.
  • There is no free lunch in the web hosting industry. You either pay a little to host your website or you have to endure a massive onslaught of advertising. It's no different than "free" television. Stations have to pay the bills somehow, so they do that by selling commercial time on their networks. You may pay your cable bill, but most of your local programming is free and you could receive the same signal via your antenna if you choose.
  • The cost of the web hosting plans shown above is miniscule compared to the reliability you get when hosting with a premium web host. All the hosts on this page invest millions of dollars in redundant power supplies, multiple high bandwidth fiber optic backbones, high performance quad processor servers and all the software and utilities that are licensed for your use as a shared hosting customer.
  • If you are creating a website that you frankly don't care if it disappears overnight, then a free web hosting plan is right for you. But for 99.9% of the rest of us, we put a lot of time into developing websites and we'd like to know that the site will be up almost 100% of the time and if for some reason a server fails on our host's end, they have backups ready to deply to get our sites back up as quickly as possible.
  • Do yourself a favor and skip the temptation to host your site on a free hosting account, and just give up one latte a month so you can afford on of the hosting plans above. With the headaches you'll save down the road, you can thank us now... or later.
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