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PowerStore 2 by WebAssist

PowerStore 2 from WebAssist is a complete, pre-built PHP online store solution. Quickly go live with a comprehensive ecommerce site for selling physical goods.

Feature Summary

PowerStore 2 by WebAssist
  • PowerStore 2 provides a complete pre-built PHP shopping cart and store administration
  • No other WebAssist extensions are need to fully utilize PowerStore 2
  • No coding is required to get PowerStore 2 up and running
  • Easily customize your store via the CSS stylesheets
  • Choose from multiple payment gateways and shipping options

If you need a quick way to deply an online store, PowerStore 2 is a great choice if PHP is your preferred scripting language.

No hand-coding required!

WebAssist PowerStore is a PHP ecommerce application, meaning it is ready to work right out of the box. The code is all included, and once configured with your store settings and products, you can have a live online store without having to touch the code!

No other extensions or software needed

If you don't have any other WebAssist Dreamweaver extensions, no big deal. PowerStore is NOT a Dreamweaver extension, but rather a stand-alone PHP web application. You don't even need Dreamweaver to use it!

If you are a fan of WebAssist extensions, however, PowerStore is compatible with all the extensions that were used to create it including eCart, CSS Menu Writer, DataAssist and more.

Complete back-end product administration

PowerStore features a complete set of backend product adminstration pages. Add, delete, edit and search your products, and create new product listings using a full featured WYSIWYG text editor. Track your sales and user data using the built-in product sales and registration charts.

WebAssist PowerStore
WebAssist PowerStore

CSS-based front-end product pages

All user-registration, product presentation and shopping cart pages are coded using CSS, so you can quickly customize the appearance of your store via the stylesheet.

PowerStore is compatible with Dreamweaver templates, so if you have a site already built, you can quickly match the look and feel of your current website by integrating the PowerStore front-end into your editable template regions.

WebAssist PowerStore

For more information...

For more information on PowerStore from WebAssist, please visit their website.

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