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Dynamic Suite by WebAssist

Dynamic Suite is no longer offered as an extension bundle, but the extensions are now available as Data Bridge.

Feature Summary

Dynamic Suite by WebAssist
  • Build complete database adminstration pages for adding, updating, deleting and searching your website databases
  • Build an online store and complete CSS-based shopping cart system
  • Easily sort and display data from your database for website visitors
  • Send email effortlessly from any form to manually entered or database-driven recipients
  • Secure any pages of your site from unauthorized access and build complete user login pages from a Dreamweaver wizard

Dynamic Suite from WebAssist can help you tame your database data, enable ecommerce functionality and secure any website from unauthorized access. Whether you work in PHP, ASP or Coldfusion, Dynamic Suite gives you the Dreamweaver extensions you need to simplify web development.

Industry-leading extensions that increase productivity

Dynamic Suite consists of the following WebAssist Dreamweaver extensions:

  • DataAssist - Create database administration and data presentation pages easily
  • SecurityAssist - Create user registration and login and secure website pages from unauthorized access
  • eCart - Full-featured Dreamweaver shopping cart system
  • Universal Email - Easily send personalized emails directly from your website

DataAssist creates powerhouse dynamic websites

If you've never built a database-driven website, DataAssist is the extension you need. It allows you to build complete database management website pages with no hand-coding. Easily create pages to add, delete, update, search and display your database data in a wide variety of formats.

Enable users to search your database through the database search wizard. Your users will be able to enter Google-like keywords and see the results of their search in the automatically-generated search results pages.

Built user registration and login and secure your site

SecurityAssist can built complete user registration and login pages, including password reminder and 'Remember me' functions. SecurityAssist can even generate random passwords for your users.

You can then easily restrict access to any website pages or even entire sections of your website. Control access based on parameters you set, and even show or hide page sections based on authorization level.

Create an online store with eCart

eCart is WebAssist's full-featured ecommerce extension. eCart uses a checkout wizard that walks you through your store creation process. It automatically generates all the pages needed for the checkout process, and also handles the payment gateway setup.

eCart uses CSS layouts, so you can easily customize your store to meet your needs. eCart comes with many included shopping cart styles, so you can start with a default style and tweak it as needed.

Enable website email with Universal Email

Universal Email is a great extension for enabling emails to be sent directly from your website. Use static or dynamic addresses, send personalized HTML emails, send attachments and carbon copies and much more. Integrate Universal Email with eCart or SecurityAssist to enable complete purchase and user registration communication.

For more information...

For more information on WebAssist's Dynamic Suite Dreamweaver extensions please visit their website.

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