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CSS Form Builder 2 by WebAssist

CSS Form Builder is a Dreamweaver extension that takes HTML form building to a new level. Easily build secure CSS website forms from a simple Dreamweaver interface.

WebAssist CSS Form Builder is bundled with Data Bridge and Super Suite

Feature Summary

CSS Form Builder by WebAssist
  • Quickly create web forms for user log in, registration, contact, appointments, eCommerce functions, link exchanges and more
  • CSS Form Builder comes with 4 different design themes to simplify form design
  • Create single or multi-column forms
  • Automatically create state or country drop-down lists
  • Integrate image CAPTCHA, honey pots or obvious questions into your forms to eliminate spam form submissions
  • Complete form customization is simple by adjusting the CSS properties in the form wizard

Web forms tend to be one of the last points of consideration in web design, but they are one of the most crucial elements in website communication. Here are some of the ways this extension can help simplify and accelerate your web design process.

CSS Form Builder

Built-in designs and pre-built form library and groups

CSS Form Builder comes standard with four different design styles. You can apply any of the styles to your forms, and you can tweak them via the CSS styles for further customization.

The form library allows you to quickly create a standard form based on form function. Choose from user log in, registration, contact, eCommercer or web design formats.

Pre-built form groups allow you to add form elements specific to your needs, without having to hand code the form. Easily create any of the following elements simply by specifying in the CSS Form Builder configuration wizard:

  • Address - one column and two column formats
  • Appointment items
  • Contact information in both one and two column formats
  • Automatic drop-down lists for states, countries, months (name and number values), and years from 1900-2009 and 2009-2025
  • Payment elements such as credit card type, number, CVV code, etc.
  • Registration elements such as password, confirm password, CAPTCHA, etc.
  • Form security elements such as CAPTCHA, honey pot or obvious question
  • Website design quote form elements

CSS forms for easy customization

CSS Form Builder creates forms using CSS, so you can easily make changes to the form appearance simply by changing CSS values. The Form Builder wizard allows you to change many of the properties from within the wizard, and you can also customize the style sheet separately in Dreamweaver.

CSS Form Builder

Client-side or server-side form validation

Validating your form input is crucial to not only prevent spam submissions but also to enforce the integrity of the submitted data.

Validate your forms client-side using Spry validation. This allows you to control the form input while notifying users of proper form input prior to form submission without refreshing the page. The error messages are fully customizable are styled using CSS.

Server-side validation occurs after your client-side validation has passed and the form is submitted to your server. If you have WebAssist Validation Toolkit, CSS Form Builder is backwards compatible so you can take full control over the server-side form processing.

For more information on WebAssist's CSS Form Builder extension, please visit their website.

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