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CSS Design Suite by WebAssist

Please note, CSS Design Suite is now Design Extender.

CSS Design Suite gives you all the Dreamweaver extensions needed to quickly create CSS-based websites and navigation.

CSS Design Suite extensions are also bundled with Super Suite

Feature Summary

CSS Design Suite by WebAssist
  • Quickly build standards compliant CSS layouts with CSS Sculptor
  • Add horizontal or vertical CSS menus with CSS Menu Writer for Dreamweaver
  • Easily create entire websites in a variety of industry categories with SiteAssist Professional
  • CSS Design Suite includes Surveyor, which allows you to automatically generate HTML and XML sitemaps for website visitors and search engines.

All the tools you need for CSS design in Dreamweaver

CSS Design Suite takes the best WebAssist extensions for CSS productivity and bundles them together at a substantial savings.

CSS design in Dreamweaver is pretty straight forward, but the extensions in CSS Design Suite take it a step farther to automate much of the code creation. The extensions included in Design Suite are:

  • Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor - creates complete CSS layouts and menu navigation from a great selection of pre-defined styles and color schemes
  • CSS Menu Writer - add in multi-level horizontal or vertical CSS navigation into your CSS Sculptor layout and maintain full custimzation
  • SiteAssist Professional - use a pre-existing CSS Sculptor layout, one of SiteAssist's included layouts or even your own Dreamweaver template to quickly generate complete websites
  • Surveyor - quickly generate both HTML and XML sitemaps in Dreamweaver

Built standards compliant W3C valid websites

If you're a stickler for valid code, you'll be pleased using CSS Design Suite. WebAssist has teamed up with CSS experts to create CSS Sculptor and CSS Menu Writer, so your code is extremely compact, clean and validates.

For more information...

To read more about WebAssist CSS Design Suite and how it can help you streamline the CSS design process in Dreamweaver, visit their website.

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