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These extensions receive the most interest on our site. By listing the extensions that receive the most traffic, we hope to help you discover new extensions that other developers find useful.

Super Suite by WebAssistSuper Suite is WebAssist's premier Dreamweaver extension bundle. It includes all the extensions needed for creating dynamic, database-driven CSS websites in Dreamweaver.

eCart by WebAssisteCart is a full-featured shopping cart and store management extension for Dreamweaver. Build your online store easily with no coding required.

DataAssist by WebAssistAutomatically create database search, insert, delete, update and results pages from a step-by-step Dreamweaver extension. Complete database management has never been this easy!

Creative DW Menu PackEasily create Dreamweaver menus with the creative Dreamweaver Menu Pack. Build horizontal, vertical or tabbed navigation using DHTML and Flash.

Creative DW Image Show ProCreate professional Flash slideshows and image transitions directly from within Dreamweaver. Over 20 image effects and over 15 text effect for ultimate creativity.

CSS Sculptor 2 by WebAssistCSS Sculptor 2 puts Eric Meyer's CSS expertise to work for you! Create standards compliant CSS layouts in Dreamweaver simply through a simple-to-use interface.

CSS Menu Writer 2 by WebAssistEasily create multi-level horizontal or vertical CSS menus with an easy-to-use wizard. Full control over all CSS properties and dynamic database-driven menu capability.

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