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Dreamweaver Extensions - Content Management Tools

SecurityAssist by WebAssistPrevent unauthorized access to your website and easily create user registration and log in with SecurityAssist.

DataAssist by WebAssistAutomatically create database search, insert, delete, update and results pages from a step-by-step Dreamweaver extension. Complete database management has never been this easy!

Digital File Pro 2 by WebAssistControl file uploads and downloads on your website with WebAssist Digital File Pro 2. Easily secure file downloads and control and manipulate file uploads with no hand coding.

iRite by WebAssistEasily integrate a WYSIWYG text editor into your website with WebAssist's iRite text editor extension for Dreamweaver.

PowerGallery PHP Photo GalleryQuickly install a complete photo gallery in your website. Includes all the PHP pages needed to administer and create your PHP photo gallery.

ThemeDreamerThemeDreamer is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to easily create WordPress themes on your local system without the need for a WordPress installation.

Website Editor - PHP or ASPTDE Website Editor (CMS) is a small tool that allows to edit sections of your webpages (title and contents) online through a simple HTML editor (WYSIWYG). It does not require any advanced web skills.

Dreamweaver RSS ReaderAllows you to easily include a RSS reader into your website in order to publish RSS and live data feeds from other websites. No programming knowledge required.

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