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Dreamweaver Template Tutorials

Below are video tutorials on various aspects of customizing our templates.

All videos are available in full-screen HD by selecting the full screen viewing option and changing the resolution to 720HD.


Tutorial 1: The basics of Dreamweaver template usage

This tutorial demonstrates how Dreamweaver templates are used by creating editable template areas. Watch this video if you've never used a Dreamweaver template before as it shows you how some areas of the HTML files are locked by the parent template.



Tutorial 2: Creating new HTML files from Dreamweaver template .dwt files

This tutorial demonstrates how you create a new HTML file from one of the included .dwt template files.



Tutorial 3: Customizing template navigation

This tutorial demonstrates how to customize the template navigation menu. Most templates use unordered lists styled with CSS to achieve the multi-level drop down menus. This tutorial shows how you need to arrange your code in order to build multi-level menus.



Tutorial 4: Customizing template PSD graphics to create a new look

All our free and premium Dreamweaver templates come with layered source graphics. This tutorial shows you how to change colors in the PSD document and quickly export all template graphics back to your Dreamweaver template.



Tutorial 5: Customizing the 960 grid system to change sidebar widths

This tutorial shows you the basics of how the 960 grid system works. By making simple changes to the classes applied to layout containers, you can quickly change the widths of your sidebars and content areas without having to edit any CSS code.