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So you're ready to move up to the big daddy of hosting plans, eh? If you're ready to lease your own dedicated server, we've put together a list of our top 5 recommendations for dedicated hosting companies. Some companies offer both managed and un-managed hosting, so make sure you know the type of dedicated hosting you need before taking the leap. If you just want the box with the barebones operating system, go with unmanaged. But if you need all the supporting software and just want to worry about your site content, purchase a managed dedicated server such as one of the plans shown below.

Best Cheap Hosting
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Best Managed Hosting Value

Liquid Web is a Lansing, Michigan hosting company that excels in dedicated hosting. Their relentless dedication to their customers and their competitive pricing earn Liquid Web our top dedicated hosting value award.

Top Features: In-house servers and dedicated support staff, 100% uptime guarantee, dedicated add-ons, 30 minute hardware replacement

Best cPanel Hosting
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Reliable cPanel Dedicated Plans

Inmotion Hosting is a highly respected name in dedicated hosting circles. Their 24/7 support, 100% Dell hardware and 30-day money back guarantee make Inmotion an excellent choice for a managed hosting solution.

Top Features: Full cPanel license included, premium Dell servers, unparalleled support, smooth upgrades

Top Feature Host
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HostGator Dedicated Hosting

HostGator dedicated servers are well known for their reliability. HostGator utilizes Dell hardware in your choice of Linux or Windows platforms. Fully managed hosting takes your business to the next level.

Top Features: Full server management, free cPanel with every server, 24-48 hour setup, reliable Texas datacenter

Best Green Hosting
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Colocation and Dedicated Servers

Ubiquity specializes in dedicated hosting and colocation servers which means you get the full benefit of dedicated hosting but you don't pay the full price.

Top Features: Choice of datacenter location: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York or Seattle

Cheap VPS Hosting
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ServerPronto Dedicated Hosting Plans

ServerPronto's dedicated plans give you both affordability and high performance. Plans start at only $32.95 a month for a full Linux dedicated server with your choice of OS.

Top Features: Low-cost dedicated packages, redundant fiber optic rings, experienced tech staff, no contracts


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What to look for in dedicated web hosting

Taking the step up to dedicated hosting means you've been successful enough to escape the limitations of a shared hosting plan. Here's what you want to look for in a managed hosting plan.

  • Dedicated hosting comes in a variety of levels and operating systems. Make sure you purchase a plan that allows you to upgrade storage, memory and process speed if the need arises.
  • Hosts offer multiple operating systems such as Linux, Unix and Windows. Your website scripting language will partly determine with OS you need, so once you choose an OS you'll need to stick with it.
  • If you're just getting started with dedicated hosting, you will want a hosting plan that gives you the most flexibility, but still makes the system easy to manage. We recommend going with a plan that comes with cPanel by default because chances are if you've migrated from shared hosting you're already familiar with the cPanel administration interface.
  • Support is essential when buying managed hosting, so make sure your host has 24/7 tech support that is available via email, chat and even phone. Some providers charge extra for phone support, so find out before hand if you'll have to shell out extra money to talk to a tech support rep live.
  • Buy more hosting than you need now in anticipation of future demands. You don't always want to start with the basic entry-level dedicated hosting plan. If you foresee your website traffic increasing down the road, plan ahead and purchase a level or two above what your current needs are. This will save you from having to upgrade due to unanticipated traffic spikes on your server.
  • Dedicated hosting plans are not cheap, nor are they maintenance free. By moving up to a managed hosting account, you are taking some of the responsibility upon yourself to make sure the server is configured properly for security and reliability. The benefits of dedicated hosting far outweigh the added management chores, and if your websites need more speed and your shared host is shutting you down due to excessive CPU utilization, it's probably time to move up to at least a VPS and probably a full dedicated server.
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