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ExtensionsOver the last month, has been undergoing a complete overhaul. Not just cosmetically, but under the hood as well.

In designing the new site, my goal was to create a much more productive visitor experience with easier to use navigation, much better organization, and faster page loads from streamlined code. I will be the first to admit that the old site was definitely not optimized in any way, and is testament that Google really doesn’t care if your site code is a little sloppy.

The new site was created from scratch using a CSS layout generated with CSS Sculptor. This is one of my favorite extensions for creating a W3C valid CSS page structure. I went with a two-column structure and dropped the cluttered navigation bar on the left side, to make it more visually appealling and also better readability.

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Building an RSS Feed into a Dreamweaver Website

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Including an RSS feed in a blog is a simple process, but how do you include an RSS feed in a Dreamweaver website? Tom Muck explains the process of building an RSS feed using Dreamweaver’s built-in XSL tools for transforming an XML data feed into HTML over at CommunityMX.

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