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BlueMesa Dreamweaver template available for download

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BlueMesa is posted on our free Dreamweaver template page and can be previewed or downloaded.  It is another table-free CSS layout with two CSS navigation locations. The template can be easily customized with the included Fireworks PNG file, and we also included a Photoshop PSD export as well. I recommend using Fireworks if you have it, as the PNG file includes all the slices pre-optimized and ready for export.

BlueMesa is based on the Sublime code, with differences in the header navigation and the overall graphic scheme.  As with Sublime, the code is nice and clean, and there are the usual pre-styled tags and sidebar content boxes.

View or download BlueMesa

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Web 2.1 – another free Dreamweaver template

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Web 2.1 is a really sweet template for those of you who like the web 2.0 look. Lots of bright colors glassy icons and gradiant effects in this free Dreamweaver template. We actually did two versions of the navigation, and you can download whichever version you prefer. The CSS version was created with CSS Menu Writer and there is also a DHTML menu courtesy of AllWebMenus Pro 5. In order to customize the DHTML menu, you will probably want to pick up a copy of AllWebMenus from Likno Software.

As with all our free templates, we included the Adobe Fireworks source file so you can easily customize the template to suit your needs. The file is all pre-sliced and optimized, so all you need to do is change colors and export the slices into the images directory.  We also included a bunch of vector web 2.0 icons, buttons, balls, and glassy dudes.  They’re at least fun to play with even though they might not fit your site needs.

Check out Web 2.1 on our free templates page.  You can preview both the CSS and the DHTML versions and download whichever you prefer.  The DHTML version is pretty slick, but the code is really clean (and SEO optimized) in the CSS version.

We also just introduced template licensing for all our templates. We kept getting requests on “how much does it cost to remove the link”, so we just posted some PayPal buttons that you can buy one, two or all the templates. It’s kind of a no-brainer since you can buy all our current and future templates for only 50 bucks.  We create our templates to help people create good websites in less time, and it does take some time to put them together, so if you feel like donating to our cause, please license a template or two or all…

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