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New Internet Marketing WordPress Theme to Make Money with your Blog

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I just released my new internet marketing WordPress theme called FlexSqueeze this week. You can take a look at it over at .  How does a WordPress affiliate marketing theme relate to Dreamweaver? Because I created it in Dreamweaver, of course!

FlexSqueeze allows internet marketers to easily create squeeze pages in WordPress. With a one-click sales page function, you can take any page on your blog and instantly strip out the navigation and sidebars and all other blog appearance and drive your visitors to your call to action.

FlexSqueze has a new user-interface, so if you’re familiar with my Flexibility or Flexibility 2 themes, you’ll welcome the new tabbed interface. There is a new "Squeeze Page" tab where you can control your sales page background color, header image, link colors, footer color, headline fonts, overall page font size, and much more. All your squeeze page settings are independent from the rest of your blog settings, so if you run a blog on the domain as well, it will not change any of those settings.

I packaged FlexSqueeze with over 250 sales page graphics that can be used on your pages, and I also created another product called the Squeeze Page Vector Pack .  I originally created all the bitmap images included with FlexSqueeze in Fireworks, so as an additional product, I bundled up all the vector images and created both PNG and PSD versions of all the graphics.

If you are a WordPress blogger in need of a way to very quickly create squeeze pages or even complete minisites (there’s a video tutorial to show you how to do this), then take a look at FlexSqueeze and also the Squeeze Page Vector Pack. They are both available at .

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