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DHTML/Flash Dreamweaver menu extensions


We just added some new Dreamweaver extensions to our lineup. The extensions include DW Tabbed Menus , DW Drop Down Menus and DW Vertical Menus . These are all also available in the DW Menu Pack , which is simply the three individual extensions bundled at a discount. For a limited time, you can get DW Image Show free with the purchase of the DW Menu Pack.

We’ve never offered a Flash menu system on our site before, and these menus actually combine DHTML and Flash to create attractive, search engine friendly navigation. I know what you’re saying, “but Flash doesn’t spider very well, so how can it be SE friendly?”. When the menus are created from the extension in Dreamweaver, it automatically generates a very spiderable bit of code that allows all your favorite search engines to find all the pages in your site.

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ThemeDreamer – Create WordPress themes in Dreamweaver


Our newest extension offering is ThemeDreamer from Virtuosoft.  We’ve been working with ThemeDreamer for several months and have been anxiously awaiting it’s release.  It’s still in beta, but you can download a trial which will deactivate upon the next release or buy ThemeDreamer at half of the final release price.

If you have ever tried designing a WordPress theme in Dreamweaver, you know it’s not very easy and the workflow is rather repetitive. Even with a local WordPress installation, you are continually editing, saving, previewing, re-editing, etc. ThemeDreamer takes a lot of the hassle out of creating WordPress themes by integrating with Dreamweaver’s design view. It takes the assortment of WordPress PHP files such as index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php, etc. and combines them to allow WYSIWYG editing in design view.

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Customizing WordPress themes with Dreamweaver


7/31/08 UPDATE: There has just been a new Dreamweaver extension for WordPress themes released called ThemeDreamer. Created by Virtuosoft, ThemeDreamer allows you to visually create and edit WordPress themes in Dreamweaver’s design view.

ThemeDreamer combines the WordPress header, sidebar, comments, footer, etc files into one live page in design view so you can easily edit your blog code or CSS file. We used it to create our new SoulVision theme that is available for download on our free WordPress themes page. ThemeDreamer is available now with a free trial download.

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We enjoy making Dreamweaver templates almost as much as WordPress themes. WordPress is a great blog platform to create themes for due to it’s simple code and the modularization of the page components. There are various ways to create a WordPress theme, but I prefer to use Dreamweaver for theme customizing.

It’s not difficult to customize a WordPress theme if you know a few shortcuts. If you prefer to code themes from scratch, there are several Dreamweaver WordPress extensions that simplify the task of inserting the required WordPress code. We have several listed on our WordPress tools page. The easiest way to create a custom theme for your blog is to download an existing theme that has the basic layout you want and customize the CSS and graphic elements to suit your needs.

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WebAssist releases SiteScribe PDF exporter

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Yesterday WebAssist introduced their new SiteScribe extension for Dreamweaver. It’s a great tool for web designers who may need to present website screenshots in a PDF format.

Simply tell SiteScribe to crawl a local or live site, and the depth to which to crawl. SiteScribe will bring back screenshots of each page and you can then present up to 6 images per PDF page in any order you want. For presenting websites to clients, colleague discussion, internal web workflow, or simply for archiving a site, SiteScribe gets the job done. Check it out at WebAssist.

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