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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Reviews


Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Reviews

Adobe released Creative Suite 4 on October 15th and it consists of upgraded versions of the world’s most popular design software. The sites listed below are a compilation of the various reviews we’ve seen for Dreamweaver CS4. So read the reviews and form your own opinion if CS4 is worth your hard earned cash.  In our opinion, it was worth every penny.

So what’s new in Dreamweaver CS4?

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As the Dreamweaver CS4 beta makes it’s way onto desktops, there have been some initial reviews and opinions of the beta posted that I wanted to put together in a single post. Dreamweaver CS4 reviews have been generally postitive with the usual beta version “I wish it had this” or “I wish they’d revamp this” but Dreamweaver is still the best website design software available, with many interface improvements to speed up workflow. I also included some video from Adobe TV demonstrating some of the really cool new features of Dreamweaver CS4.

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