MixedMedia series of free WordPress themes


MixedMedia is a free 3-column WordPress theme that includes built-in support for affiliate advertising, widgets and these WordPress plugins:

  • WP-pagenavi – adds pagination navigation to multiple-page categories and archives
  • Sociable – styled to fit nicely in the theme
  • Breadcrumb-NavXT – adds breadcrumb navigation to the top of pages you select
  • Rob Marsh’s Post Plugin Library – included support for Similar Posts, Recent Posts and Recent Comments

The theme is extensively styled with three different widget sidebar positions: top, left and right. This theme is styled more in-depth than our other themes, and there are currently three different versions: blue, green and red.

To see all versions or download, click here.

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AdSensation – a free AdSense-ready Dreamweaver template

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We just posted the first of several free AdSense-ready Dreamweaver templates. AdSensation is a simple tableless layout that includes pre-styled code for the most popular AdSense ad block sizes. The template includes a prominant 728×90 leaderboard ad at the top of the page, a 160×600 skyscraper down the left sidebar and a 250×250 square block at the top of the content section. A CSS style is included for 428×60 banners and the code can easily be modified to fit any other AdSense ad size.

The navigation is pure CSS with code that is very easy to modify. The free template includes the original sliced and optimized Adobe Fireworks file, so creating a completely custom look should only take a matter of minutes.

Preview AdSensation

Download AdSensation

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CSS Menu Writer – Dreamweaver CSS Menu Extension

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We’ve been hearing a lot about CSS Menu Writer over the last couple of months and it’s finally here. Just released by WebAssist, CSS Menu Writer takes the hassle out of creating CSS menu navigation in Dreamweaver.

Menu Writer is a Dreamweaver extension that creates horizontal or vertical website menus through a tabbed wizard interface, similar to CSS Sculptor. As with Sculptor, Eric Meyer had a hand in making sure Menu Writer menus are standards compliant and valid CSS and HTML. The extension installs just like any other in Dreamweaver, and is accessible through the WebAssist toolbar. Continue reading…

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Customizing WordPress themes with Dreamweaver


7/31/08 UPDATE: There has just been a new Dreamweaver extension for WordPress themes released called ThemeDreamer. Created by Virtuosoft, ThemeDreamer allows you to visually create and edit WordPress themes in Dreamweaver’s design view.

ThemeDreamer combines the WordPress header, sidebar, comments, footer, etc files into one live page in design view so you can easily edit your blog code or CSS file. We used it to create our new SoulVision theme that is available for download on our free WordPress themes page. ThemeDreamer is available now with a free trial download.

Back to original post:

We enjoy making Dreamweaver templates almost as much as WordPress themes. WordPress is a great blog platform to create themes for due to it’s simple code and the modularization of the page components. There are various ways to create a WordPress theme, but I prefer to use Dreamweaver for theme customizing.

It’s not difficult to customize a WordPress theme if you know a few shortcuts. If you prefer to code themes from scratch, there are several Dreamweaver WordPress extensions that simplify the task of inserting the required WordPress code. We have several listed on our WordPress tools page. The easiest way to create a custom theme for your blog is to download an existing theme that has the basic layout you want and customize the CSS and graphic elements to suit your needs. Continue reading…

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New Affiliate Marketing Squeeze Page Template

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We did this affiliate marketing website template because we see way too many really bad squeeze pages. We don’t care for squeeze pages to begin with, but we thought we could at least help some affiliate marketers make a better presentation.

It basically takes the concept of the squeeze page and applies some eye candy to it. There are multiple box styles, a page curl box, formatted blockquote for testimonials, a photo testimonial format, a styled opt-in email form, a coupon-style box and more.

We had fun doing this template and we got a little humorous with the template preview. Just don’t take any of the information seriously please. You can preview FreshSqueeze or go to our website templates page for more information and templates.

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High Velocity Dreamweaver Template

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Yup, another free Dreamweaver template! This one has a motorcycle theme, but can easily be customized to any other theme or color scheme.  As with our other free Dreamweaver templates, High Velocity includes the Dreamweaver dwt template file, all the template images, pure CSS navigation, the original vector Fireworks document including all image slices, is Google AdSense-ready and is valid XHTML 1.0.

Preview or download High Velocity on our free templates page.

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Two more free Dreamweaver templates

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We were busy over the weekend and created two more free Dreamweaver templates. DotCom and Fruit Company are XHTML valid templates with CSS navigation, AdSense-ready, and have pre-styled elements included in the templates. The Dreamweaver dwt files are included as well as the original Fireworks vector artwork used to create the templates.

Preview or download our two new templates on our Dreamweaver templates page.


First Free Dreamweaver Template Released

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Since we couldn’t find any decent free Dreamweaver templates that were actually DESIGNED for Dreamweaver, we’re creating our own. The first template is posted on the site on our templates page and can be previewed before download.

We went a step farther and included the Fireworks file that we created the template images in. That way, not only do you have a plug-and-play Dreamweaver template that includes pre-coded editable regions, you also have the native image files to customize the template however you wish.

Check it out and let us know if there’s anything missing or added features we can build into our next template.


WebAssist releases SiteScribe PDF exporter

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Yesterday WebAssist introduced their new SiteScribe extension for Dreamweaver. It’s a great tool for web designers who may need to present website screenshots in a PDF format.

Simply tell SiteScribe to crawl a local or live site, and the depth to which to crawl. SiteScribe will bring back screenshots of each page and you can then present up to 6 images per PDF page in any order you want. For presenting websites to clients, colleague discussion, internal web workflow, or simply for archiving a site, SiteScribe gets the job done. Check it out at WebAssist.

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Customizing Spry Menu Bars in Dreamweaver

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The ability to quickly create Spry menu bars and multi-level navigation in Dreamweaver was an excellent addition to Dreamweaver CS3. Although it’s easy to insert a vertical or horizontal menu bar in DW, it’s not always clear how to customize the look of the menu bar. Here are some resources and tutorials that are good reference for creating custom Spry menu bars in Dreamweaver.

Continue reading…

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