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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 release date


Dreamweaver CS4 released October 15th!

Yup, it’s here!  Dreamweaver CS4 was released today by Adobe. You can upgrade from Dreamweaver MX, 2004, 8 or CS3 for $199 or buy the full version for $399.

Dreamweaver CS4 has many new features and improvements including a new user interface similar to the other CS4 products.  It’s available by itself or as part of Adobe’s Web Standard, Web Premium, Design Premium or Master Collection of CS4 products. So what are you waiting for? Check it out over at Adobe!

View new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

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Win a free 16GB Apple iPhone 3G from WebAssist

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If you’re a WebAssist extension user and you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a new Apple iPhone 3G, here’s your chance. As part of their 2008 Do More/Win More competition, WebAssist is giving away a pair of 16GB iPhone 3G’s for winners of the best overall site and best overall CSS Sculptor layout and CSS Menu Writer menu.

Not only are a couple of iPhones up for grabs, but also well over $2,000 in free WebAssist software as well.  Entries for the contest can be submitted through August 31, 2008, and winners will be announced September 30.

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It’s alive! Our blog gets life

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As the first post on our new blog, I want to welcome anyone who stumbles across our small piece of web real estate.  Our blog obviously has a Dreamweaver theme, but it will include topics related to website design and development, search engine optimization and marketing, monetization of websites, blogging and blog design, and anything else we feel might help our readers maximize their web space.

Please bookmark our blog and visit frequently as we’ll be adding lots of info in the near future. One special thanks goes out to Chris Charlton over at for his insightful input on our main site.  Watch XTND for some upcoming great extensions like the Drupal Theme Starter, jQuery API for Dreamweaver, Prototype API for Dreamweaver, Mochikit API, MooTools API (I hope) and more!