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New NicheBuilder Template System Builds Niche Websites Fast

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Whether you’re building a client site, an affiliate marketing niche website or just have a need for some great niche header images, check out our new NicheBuilder template system.

NicheBuilder is an extremely flexible template that has a ton of features, CSS and images built-in so you can quickly modify and upload your site. Similar to some of our other Dreamweaver templates, it’s built upon the 960 grid system and incorporates a lot of jQuery functionality out of the box.

Easily choose from a variety of template layouts, controlling sidebar position and size, or even remove your sidebars entirely on specific pages.  The navigation uses the popular Superfish jQuery script and is easily configurable as a Dreamweaver library asset.  So now you can easily update your navigation site-wide when using multiple templates on your site.

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New Dreamweaver Template Tutorials

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Just posted a series of tutorials on customizing our free Dreamweaver templates.

Tutorials cover unzipping the template files, creating a new site in Dreamweaver, making changes to templates to update HTML files, creating new HTML files from template .dwt files, customizing navigation and PSD graphics and using the 960 grid system to change template layout widths.

View template tutorials

New Dreamweaver Templates Featuring the 960 Grid System

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Over the holiday break I had some time to create some new free Dreamweaver templates that are built on the 960 Grid System. The templates use a 12 column grid and a 30 pixel gutter. This is really the first time I had implemented the 960 grid into a template, so I’m still deciding if 30 pixels was too much gutter or if I should back it down to 20 pixels.

The Zoomba series of templates currently includes three free versions and one premium template. The free templates feature not only the 960 grid built into the CSS, but they also use a jQuery Superfish menu system. The Superfish menu is like Suckerfish on ‘roids, and it really is a nice fluid menu.

The premium Zoomba template includes everything the free versions do, but also has more templates, more jQuery built-in including several jQuery UI elements, and is a more complete website solution out of the box.

The Zoomba template is actually a framework for future templates, and each of the three free templates showcase a slightly different header/navigation configuration.

Check out the new Zoomba Dreamweaver templates and keep an eye out for more templates coming soon.

Website designers have a great new resource in SuCasa

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SuCasa is a new CSS web design community site launched by WebAssist. SuCasa allows designers to download everything from Dreamweaver templates to CSS menus. Users of WebAssist’s CSS Menu Writer, CSS Sculptor and SiteAssist Professional can look for new templates, menus and sites to integrate into their WebAssist extensions.

“SuCasa delivers a ‘one-stop shop’ for web designers to sell and exchange their diverse and professional web designs to each other and to businesses, as well as individuals, looking to enhance their Web presence,” said Michael Lekse, Vice President Sales, WebAssist. “We are thrilled to see the immense growth of this online template community, and look forward to seeing small business owners, developers, and web designers alike benefit from SuCasa.”

For those who are knowledgeable in CSS and HTML and can develop their own templates, or are familiar with the Menu Writer or Sculptor interface, SuCasa allows designers to publish their works for sale on the site. WebAssist takes a small 10% fee for hosting and maintenance of the site, but the rest goes straight into your PayPal account.

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BlueMesa Dreamweaver template available for download

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BlueMesa is posted on our free Dreamweaver template page and can be previewed or downloaded.  It is another table-free CSS layout with two CSS navigation locations. The template can be easily customized with the included Fireworks PNG file, and we also included a Photoshop PSD export as well. I recommend using Fireworks if you have it, as the PNG file includes all the slices pre-optimized and ready for export.

BlueMesa is based on the Sublime code, with differences in the header navigation and the overall graphic scheme.  As with Sublime, the code is nice and clean, and there are the usual pre-styled tags and sidebar content boxes.

View or download BlueMesa

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Sublime free Dreamweaver template


Sublime is a new free Dreamweaver template released today. The website template is built as a Dreamweaver .dwt file, but also contains a standard HTML file that can be used with any web editor. It contains both horizontal and vertical CSS navigation and a nice feature area that can be used on your site homepage or even throughout your site whenever you want to draw attention to a particular product or service.

As with all our free web templates, the zip file contains the original Fireworks file. The file is pre-sliced and optimized so changing the color scheme of the template is very simple.

Preview or download Sublime

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CSS Designs – Complete CSS website templates

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Commercial website templates are kind of a mixed bag of function and usability. Some are good and some are just plain terrible. CSS Designs are a new line of CSS website templates from WebAssist that are CSS-based and built for cross-browser compatility and easy customization.

CSS Designs are standard HTML CSS templates that include 12 different color schemes and also include both the Fireworks and Photoshop source files so you can easily customize the template graphics. The coolest part about them is the ability to integrate the templates with CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver and Expression Web. If you have CSS Sculptor, you can very easily tweak the templates to your liking using Sculptor’s easy-to-use interface. If you don’t have Sculptor, you can use the templates with any HTML authoring software, even Notepad if that’s your cup of tea.

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OpenSpaces – a new free Dreamweaver template


We just wrapped up the design of OpenSpaces, a new free template for Dreamweaver. It’s really a pretty cool template that is easy to customize the appearance of. There are actually five different templates included with OpenSpaces, with three variations with a header graphic and two without the header image.

Navigation is simple CSS navigation, so no drop-down menus in this template. We styled a left sidebar and a right sidebar and a cool header area where you can include any information, even an AdSense leaderboard ad if you style the enclosing div a little wider.

We also included two types of boxes to go on the full-width home page template, a three box layout and a two box layout. Each can be easily modified via the included Fireworks source file, simply by changing the colors and re-exporting the slices that are already optimized in the file. We included similar boxes in our Fruit Company template and I think people liked them as they were very functional and break up the content well.

Check out OpenSpaces on our free Dreamweaver templates page, and we also added an option for licensing our templates without the link back to our site. We’re probably too cheap on the prices, but we don’t do it for the money anyway.

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Web 2.1 – another free Dreamweaver template

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Web 2.1 is a really sweet template for those of you who like the web 2.0 look. Lots of bright colors glassy icons and gradiant effects in this free Dreamweaver template. We actually did two versions of the navigation, and you can download whichever version you prefer. The CSS version was created with CSS Menu Writer and there is also a DHTML menu courtesy of AllWebMenus Pro 5. In order to customize the DHTML menu, you will probably want to pick up a copy of AllWebMenus from Likno Software.

As with all our free templates, we included the Adobe Fireworks source file so you can easily customize the template to suit your needs. The file is all pre-sliced and optimized, so all you need to do is change colors and export the slices into the images directory.  We also included a bunch of vector web 2.0 icons, buttons, balls, and glassy dudes.  They’re at least fun to play with even though they might not fit your site needs.

Check out Web 2.1 on our free templates page.  You can preview both the CSS and the DHTML versions and download whichever you prefer.  The DHTML version is pretty slick, but the code is really clean (and SEO optimized) in the CSS version.

We also just introduced template licensing for all our templates. We kept getting requests on “how much does it cost to remove the link”, so we just posted some PayPal buttons that you can buy one, two or all the templates. It’s kind of a no-brainer since you can buy all our current and future templates for only 50 bucks.  We create our templates to help people create good websites in less time, and it does take some time to put them together, so if you feel like donating to our cause, please license a template or two or all…

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Trellian free Dreamweaver template released – XHTML and CSS

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Trellian is our new free Dreamweaver template and it comes with sweet CSS navigation courtesy of CSS Menu Writer.  We wanted to showcase a few of our favorite Dreamweaver extensions, so we also generated the XHTML  page structure in CSS Sculptor.  The template is tableless and includes a multi-level CSS menu that can be easily customized in the code.

If you do your own website design, we highly recommend both CSS Sculptor and CSS Menu Writer.  It’s truly amazing how quickly you can generate standards compliant site structure and navigation.  What used to take the most time in developing a new site has been reduced to a matter of minutes so we can focus more on the eye candy and content.

You can preview the Trellian template or download it from our Dreamweaver templates page.

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