Blogs and Blog Design Archives gets a facelift


ExtensionsOver the last month, has been undergoing a complete overhaul. Not just cosmetically, but under the hood as well.

In designing the new site, my goal was to create a much more productive visitor experience with easier to use navigation, much better organization, and faster page loads from streamlined code. I will be the first to admit that the old site was definitely not optimized in any way, and is testament that Google really doesn’t care if your site code is a little sloppy.

The new site was created from scratch using a CSS layout generated with CSS Sculptor. This is one of my favorite extensions for creating a W3C valid CSS page structure. I went with a two-column structure and dropped the cluttered navigation bar on the left side, to make it more visually appealling and also better readability.

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New Internet Marketing WordPress Theme to Make Money with your Blog

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I just released my new internet marketing WordPress theme called FlexSqueeze this week. You can take a look at it over at .  How does a WordPress affiliate marketing theme relate to Dreamweaver? Because I created it in Dreamweaver, of course!

FlexSqueeze allows internet marketers to easily create squeeze pages in WordPress. With a one-click sales page function, you can take any page on your blog and instantly strip out the navigation and sidebars and all other blog appearance and drive your visitors to your call to action.

FlexSqueze has a new user-interface, so if you’re familiar with my Flexibility or Flexibility 2 themes, you’ll welcome the new tabbed interface. There is a new "Squeeze Page" tab where you can control your sales page background color, header image, link colors, footer color, headline fonts, overall page font size, and much more. All your squeeze page settings are independent from the rest of your blog settings, so if you run a blog on the domain as well, it will not change any of those settings.

I packaged FlexSqueeze with over 250 sales page graphics that can be used on your pages, and I also created another product called the Squeeze Page Vector Pack .  I originally created all the bitmap images included with FlexSqueeze in Fireworks, so as an additional product, I bundled up all the vector images and created both PNG and PSD versions of all the graphics.

If you are a WordPress blogger in need of a way to very quickly create squeeze pages or even complete minisites (there’s a video tutorial to show you how to do this), then take a look at FlexSqueeze and also the Squeeze Page Vector Pack. They are both available at .

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Flexibility Theme will rock your WordPress world

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Flexibility Theme is our newest WordPress theme, and it’s really much more than a theme. Flexibility is essentially millions, no… BILLIONS of themes wrapped up into one theme. There are so many ways to customize the theme, the possibility are limitless.

Create a narrow simplistic blog design or a wide multi-column design simply by changing the width options. Create unlimited variations of backgrounds and effects with full control over image repeating and support for semi-transparent PNG graphics. Download add-on graphics from and completely change the look of your blog in a matter of minutes. The only limitation of Flexibility is your imagination. It allows you to completely alter your blog without having to know HTML, PHP or CSS.

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ThemeDreamer – Create WordPress themes in Dreamweaver


Our newest extension offering is ThemeDreamer from Virtuosoft.  We’ve been working with ThemeDreamer for several months and have been anxiously awaiting it’s release.  It’s still in beta, but you can download a trial which will deactivate upon the next release or buy ThemeDreamer at half of the final release price.

If you have ever tried designing a WordPress theme in Dreamweaver, you know it’s not very easy and the workflow is rather repetitive. Even with a local WordPress installation, you are continually editing, saving, previewing, re-editing, etc. ThemeDreamer takes a lot of the hassle out of creating WordPress themes by integrating with Dreamweaver’s design view. It takes the assortment of WordPress PHP files such as index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, footer.php, etc. and combines them to allow WYSIWYG editing in design view.

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ModXBlog WordPress theme available for download

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We just completed a new WordPress theme called ModXBlog (we don’t know why). It’s a really clean theme that has a lot of nice touches added. It’s AdSense-ready so you can immediately start making a few bucks with your blog and it has three different widget-ready sidebar areas.

It comes pre-coded for use with Breadcrumb-NavXT and Rob Marsh’s Post Plugin Library. The single post pages support Rob’s Similar Posts plugin by default, so make sure you activate that plugin when you install the blog. If you don’t, no big deal, the related posts area just won’t show up under the posts.

We’re going to build on this one in the future, with different color schemes and subject themes so check back soon for more downloads.

You can preview ModXBlog or download it here.

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MixedMedia series of free WordPress themes


MixedMedia is a free 3-column WordPress theme that includes built-in support for affiliate advertising, widgets and these WordPress plugins:

  • WP-pagenavi – adds pagination navigation to multiple-page categories and archives
  • Sociable – styled to fit nicely in the theme
  • Breadcrumb-NavXT – adds breadcrumb navigation to the top of pages you select
  • Rob Marsh’s Post Plugin Library – included support for Similar Posts, Recent Posts and Recent Comments

The theme is extensively styled with three different widget sidebar positions: top, left and right. This theme is styled more in-depth than our other themes, and there are currently three different versions: blue, green and red.

To see all versions or download, click here.

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Customizing WordPress themes with Dreamweaver


7/31/08 UPDATE: There has just been a new Dreamweaver extension for WordPress themes released called ThemeDreamer. Created by Virtuosoft, ThemeDreamer allows you to visually create and edit WordPress themes in Dreamweaver’s design view.

ThemeDreamer combines the WordPress header, sidebar, comments, footer, etc files into one live page in design view so you can easily edit your blog code or CSS file. We used it to create our new SoulVision theme that is available for download on our free WordPress themes page. ThemeDreamer is available now with a free trial download.

Back to original post:

We enjoy making Dreamweaver templates almost as much as WordPress themes. WordPress is a great blog platform to create themes for due to it’s simple code and the modularization of the page components. There are various ways to create a WordPress theme, but I prefer to use Dreamweaver for theme customizing.

It’s not difficult to customize a WordPress theme if you know a few shortcuts. If you prefer to code themes from scratch, there are several Dreamweaver WordPress extensions that simplify the task of inserting the required WordPress code. We have several listed on our WordPress tools page. The easiest way to create a custom theme for your blog is to download an existing theme that has the basic layout you want and customize the CSS and graphic elements to suit your needs.

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101 Ways to Monetize your Blog Without Irritating your Readers

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While writing my last post, I saw a related articles link to this post on as well. We’ve all seen blogs that are over-monetized to put it nicely, and chances are anything on the blog was met with some skepticism as to the truthfulness or accuracy. Properly monetizing your blog can earn big payoffs, but the key is to keep your readers in mind and serve their needs first.  Check out the post and see if your money-making strategies need a tune-up.

UPDATE: I came across another post on Vandelaydesign with another 101 ways to monetize your website or blog. Might be some overlap, but it’s worth a read.