New NicheBuilder Template System Builds Niche Websites Fast

Whether you’re building a client site, an affiliate marketing niche website or just have a need for some great niche header images, check out our new NicheBuilder template system.

NicheBuilder is an extremely flexible template that has a ton of features, CSS and images built-in so you can quickly modify and upload your site. Similar to some of our other Dreamweaver templates, it’s built upon the 960 grid system and incorporates a lot of jQuery functionality out of the box.

Easily choose from a variety of template layouts, controlling sidebar position and size, or even remove your sidebars entirely on specific pages.  The navigation uses the popular Superfish jQuery script and is easily configurable as a Dreamweaver library asset.  So now you can easily update your navigation site-wide when using multiple templates on your site.

The real cool thing about NicheBuilder is the wide variety of niche header images that are available.  All header images are pre-sized to fit exactly within the NicheBuilder template. With over 60 different template categories and thousands of different niche topics covered, you’re sure to find a NicheBuilder template that suits your needs.

Once you purchase NicheBuilder once, you can simply add-on header packs as you need different niches.  The prices are extremely cheap at only $29 for an entire niche bundle and $19 for each separate header pack. It also comes bundled with a 40+ page user’s manual, over 250 free button, burst and icon images, 9 different color schemes, 100 background images and more.

If niche websites are your thing, or if you just need some niche header images, then check out our new NicheBuilder template system.  To see the interactive demo of the template and interactively change colors, headers, layout and backgrounds, click here.

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