New Dreamweaver Templates Featuring the 960 Grid System

Over the holiday break I had some time to create some new free Dreamweaver templates that are built on the 960 Grid System. The templates use a 12 column grid and a 30 pixel gutter. This is really the first time I had implemented the 960 grid into a template, so I’m still deciding if 30 pixels was too much gutter or if I should back it down to 20 pixels.

The Zoomba series of templates currently includes three free versions and one premium template. The free templates feature not only the 960 grid built into the CSS, but they also use a jQuery Superfish menu system. The Superfish menu is like Suckerfish on ‘roids, and it really is a nice fluid menu.

The premium Zoomba template includes everything the free versions do, but also has more templates, more jQuery built-in including several jQuery UI elements, and is a more complete website solution out of the box.

The Zoomba template is actually a framework for future templates, and each of the three free templates showcase a slightly different header/navigation configuration.

Check out the new Zoomba Dreamweaver templates and keep an eye out for more templates coming soon.

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