DHTML/Flash Dreamweaver menu extensions

We just added some new Dreamweaver extensions to our lineup. The extensions include DW Tabbed Menus , DW Drop Down Menus and DW Vertical Menus . These are all also available in the DW Menu Pack , which is simply the three individual extensions bundled at a discount. For a limited time, you can get DW Image Show free with the purchase of the DW Menu Pack.

We’ve never offered a Flash menu system on our site before, and these menus actually combine DHTML and Flash to create attractive, search engine friendly navigation. I know what you’re saying, “but Flash doesn’t spider very well, so how can it be SE friendly?”. When the menus are created from the extension in Dreamweaver, it automatically generates a very spiderable bit of code that allows all your favorite search engines to find all the pages in your site.

Each extension creates it’s own version of menu, either tabbed, vertical or drop down. They all come with over 30 styles or “skins” that you can use as your final menu or just use as a starting point to create your own custom menu. The extensions make it painless to customize the fonts, colors, link states, hover effects, appearance effects, and more. If you’re using Windows, you can preview your menu from within the extension and tweak it if necessary without exiting the interface.

The extensions are created by Extend Studio, a Romanian company that specializes in Flash components and Dreamweaver extensions. Their forte is actually Flash-based products and they offer quite an assortment of text effects, movie clip effects, image effects, slideshows, etc.

Another very cool Dreamweaver extension that we’ll be offering soon from Extend Studio is Creative DW Image Show Pro . It allows you to easily create Flash multimedia presentations and slideshows from within Dreamweaver. We’ve used it on some client sites and it saves a ton of time when building image rotation and header intros.

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2 Responses to “DHTML/Flash Dreamweaver menu extensions”

  1. Billy Gee says:

    These are very neat. Dreamweaver has always created such poor drop menus – I will recommend these to our students as it will save on their development time for a small price.

  2. admin says:

    I agree about the built-in DW menus. Extend Studio puts out a really great product and they’re also very good to work with. You have a great site, btw.