Learn to design CSS websites with CSS Designer Starter Kit

If you’re still using table-based layouts for your websites, it’s time to learn how to design using CSS. There’s a brand new (and very affordable) software tutorial called CSS Designer Starter Kit that teaches you step-by-step how to take your Firework or Photoshop design comp to a full-featured CSS website design in Dreamweaver.

Learn the basics of CSS web design like creating multple column layouts, CSS navigation and using the CSS float property to control your layout structure and images. Use foreground and background images in various repeating patterns to reduce the size of your website code.

CSS Designer Starter Kit is an interactive tutorial, which means you actively participate in the learning process so you learn proper CSS design techniques. CSS websites load faster, are more search-engine-optimized due to the condensed code and allow you to make site-wide changes very easily via the stylesheet.

If CSS has always been a little bit intimidating and you’re still relying on tables to lay out your web pages, check out CSS Designer Starter Kit and learn how to design websites more efficiently.

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