Website designers have a great new resource in SuCasa

SuCasa is a new CSS web design community site launched by WebAssist. SuCasa allows designers to download everything from Dreamweaver templates to CSS menus. Users of WebAssist’s CSS Menu Writer, CSS Sculptor and SiteAssist Professional can look for new templates, menus and sites to integrate into their WebAssist extensions.

“SuCasa delivers a ‘one-stop shop’ for web designers to sell and exchange their diverse and professional web designs to each other and to businesses, as well as individuals, looking to enhance their Web presence,” said Michael Lekse, Vice President Sales, WebAssist. “We are thrilled to see the immense growth of this online template community, and look forward to seeing small business owners, developers, and web designers alike benefit from SuCasa.”

For those who are knowledgeable in CSS and HTML and can develop their own templates, or are familiar with the Menu Writer or Sculptor interface, SuCasa allows designers to publish their works for sale on the site. WebAssist takes a small 10% fee for hosting and maintenance of the site, but the rest goes straight into your PayPal account.
Uploaded templates are approved and tested by WebAssist and they also create a set of screenshots from your files to display on the site. WebAssist’s publisher requirements include providing a complete set of HTML documents for each template, so users can edit and use the files in any HTML editor, not just Dreamweaver.

For those of you who already have CSS Menu Writer, CSS Sculptor or SiteAssist Professional, SuCasa will become a go-to resource for extending those programs. By simply downloading a zip file and importing it into the layout manager for each program, you can quickly build a wide variety of sites using WebAssist’s easy-to-use wizard-like interfaces.

To see the selection of templates and menus available, visit SuCasa. If you want more information on the Dreamweaver extensions that can build standards compliant CSS websites more efficiently, visit these links for CSS Menu Writer, CSS Sculptor and SiteAssist Professional.

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