Flexibility Theme will rock your WordPress world

Flexibility Theme is our newest WordPress theme, and it’s really much more than a theme. Flexibility is essentially millions, no… BILLIONS of themes wrapped up into one theme. There are so many ways to customize the theme, the possibility are limitless.

Create a narrow simplistic blog design or a wide multi-column design simply by changing the width options. Create unlimited variations of backgrounds and effects with full control over image repeating and support for semi-transparent PNG graphics. Download add-on graphics from FlexibilityTheme.com and completely change the look of your blog in a matter of minutes. The only limitation of Flexibility is your imagination. It allows you to completely alter your blog without having to know HTML, PHP or CSS.

Here’s a brief rundown of the design elements that can be customized through Flexibility Theme’s options page in WordPress:

  • Full control over blog width, post width and sidebar width
  • Create side-by-side or stacked sidebars
  • Change the background color and add gradient blends
  • Create a full-width header and full-width footer
  • Add repeating background images that repeat x, y or both
  • Choose from 4 different navigation tab styles
  • Change your blog page color and post background color
  • Change sidebar text color independently of post text color
  • Choose from a large selection of RSS feed icons, header images, background patterns and search boxes
  • Easily add Google AdSense ads in 5 different locations with full control over ad type, size and colors
  • Add analytics code from within the options page
  • Activate a full-width feature section on your home page that can be used with any widget
  • Control blog borders and margins to achieve a wide variety of looks
  • and much more!

Flexibility Theme began as a solution for static WordPress themes that break when a widget is activated that is too wide for the sidebar. This results in a various “not-so-niceties” depending on the browser which can include the sidebar falling below the post content. Flexibility evolved into a complete theme creator that allows the average blogger to create a unique design that is not available anywhere else.

As Flexibility evolves, more graphics will be available and more features added to the theme (and possibly some removed). We’re looking for some feedback on Flexibility, so be one of the first downloaders and tell us what you think.

Visit our Flexibility Theme site

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