Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 release date

Dreamweaver CS4 released October 15th!

Yup, it’s here!  Dreamweaver CS4 was released today by Adobe. You can upgrade from Dreamweaver MX, 2004, 8 or CS3 for $199 or buy the full version for $399.

Dreamweaver CS4 has many new features and improvements including a new user interface similar to the other CS4 products.  It’s available by itself or as part of Adobe’s Web Standard, Web Premium, Design Premium or Master Collection of CS4 products. So what are you waiting for? Check it out over at Adobe!

View new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

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3 Responses to “Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 release date”

  1. Bill Harrel says:

    Been using CS4 for a little while now. I especially like InContext editing, allowing end users to edit from inside their browser and Live View, which takes some of the tedium out of constantly uploading and testing.

  2. Garrett says:

    I’ve also been using it for a while, even the beta. its nice, looks cleaner, faster, and overall more productive. I would recommend the upgrade in about 2-3 months after price would drop.

  3. admin says:

    I’d be surprised if the price drops. The pricing follows Adobe’s usual upgrade/full pricing of previous versions, so unless you can catch a special offer on it, the pricing will probably remain constant throughout the CS4 lifecycle.

    I agree on the performance enhancements. CS4 is much more productive for me and Live View is a huge improvement, especially with live data and dynamic websites.