SiteAssist Professional creates websites FAST

WebAssist just released SiteAssist Professional which is a complete remake of their SiteAssist Dreamweaver extension. Instead of opting for a higher version number, they decided to tag the product with the Professional designation to reflect the added features of the new version.

SiteAssist Professional is a Dreamweaver extension that creates complete websites, not just templates or layouts. By selecting from a wide variety of pre-set site themes, you can very quickly generate all your website pages including graphics and navigation.

SiteAssist Pro includes 14 preset website themes and each can be customized with 12 color schemes. The site structure is all CSS and the included navigation is CSS-based as well. The extension allows you to customize your site based on a variety of page sets and it allows for simple navigation and page changes.

The best new feature of SiteAssist Professional is it’s ability to use standard Dreamweaver templates with your websites. By including template areas for the navigation, content and footer, SiteAssist will automatically generate complete websites based on your template. If you change your template, your entire site is updated to reflect the changes.

SiteAssist Pro also integrates with CSS Sculptor and CSS Menu Writer so you can VERY quickly create a layout in Sculptor, navigation in Menu Writer and put them together into a total website using SiteAssist Professional. You can also use the standard layouts and menus included with both extensions, so you don’t have to create your own layouts if you don’t want to.

WebAssist has vastly improved SiteAssist with their new Professional release. The included templates are much more professional and eye-catching and the included support for CSS Sculptor, CSS Menu Writer and Dreamweaver templates makes SiteAssist Professional a powerful tool for quickly creating CSS websites.

SiteAssist Professional is available at a special launch discount until September 9th, so if you have been looking for a Dreamweaver extension that takes the work out of creating great websites, check out SiteAssist Pro.

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