CSS Designs – Complete CSS website templates

Commercial website templates are kind of a mixed bag of function and usability. Some are good and some are just plain terrible. CSS Designs are a new line of CSS website templates from WebAssist that are CSS-based and built for cross-browser compatility and easy customization.

CSS Designs are standard HTML CSS templates that include 12 different color schemes and also include both the Fireworks and Photoshop source files so you can easily customize the template graphics. The coolest part about them is the ability to integrate the templates with CSS Sculptor for Dreamweaver and Expression Web. If you have CSS Sculptor, you can very easily tweak the templates to your liking using Sculptor’s easy-to-use interface. If you don’t have Sculptor, you can use the templates with any HTML authoring software, even Notepad if that’s your cup of tea.

CSS Designs are currently available in three themes: Artist, Moda and Simple. Each has a unique look that gives you a jump start on your website project. They can easily be made into a Dreamweaver template simply be adding editable template regions and saving as a .dwt file. The code is nice and compact and very search engine friendly.

Check out CSS Designs from WebAssist, and also our own free Dreamweaver templates.

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