OpenSpaces – a new free Dreamweaver template

We just wrapped up the design of OpenSpaces, a new free template for Dreamweaver. It’s really a pretty cool template that is easy to customize the appearance of. There are actually five different templates included with OpenSpaces, with three variations with a header graphic and two without the header image.

Navigation is simple CSS navigation, so no drop-down menus in this template. We styled a left sidebar and a right sidebar and a cool header area where you can include any information, even an AdSense leaderboard ad if you style the enclosing div a little wider.

We also included two types of boxes to go on the full-width home page template, a three box layout and a two box layout. Each can be easily modified via the included Fireworks source file, simply by changing the colors and re-exporting the slices that are already optimized in the file. We included similar boxes in our Fruit Company template and I think people liked them as they were very functional and break up the content well.

Check out OpenSpaces on our free Dreamweaver templates page, and we also added an option for licensing our templates without the link back to our site. We’re probably too cheap on the prices, but we don’t do it for the money anyway.

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3 Responses to “OpenSpaces – a new free Dreamweaver template”

  1. Josh V. says:

    Just wanted to tell you guys thanks for this, it’s awesome and I really appreciate all your hard work!

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks Josh! I enjoy creating templates way more than doing client sites, because I don’t have to adhear to their specifications. I can do whatever I think looks good and that allows for more creative design IMHO.

  3. conrads says:

    hi Ryan, im agree with your HO…

    oya btw, Im very interest in web design and still learn to be a web designer, and Im impress with all your creations.

    May I implement (re-create) your works as templates for other CMS engine? I’ll provide it for free and I will keep your footer link (courtessy) stay intact…

    thanks and sorry for my english:(