Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Reviews

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Reviews

Adobe released Creative Suite 4 on October 15th and it consists of upgraded versions of the world’s most popular design software. The sites listed below are a compilation of the various reviews we’ve seen for Dreamweaver CS4. So read the reviews and form your own opinion if CS4 is worth your hard earned cash.  In our opinion, it was worth every penny.

So what’s new in Dreamweaver CS4?

View Dreamweaver CS4 features at

As the Dreamweaver CS4 beta makes it’s way onto desktops, there have been some initial reviews and opinions of the beta posted that I wanted to put together in a single post. Dreamweaver CS4 reviews have been generally postitive with the usual beta version “I wish it had this” or “I wish they’d revamp this” but Dreamweaver is still the best website design software available, with many interface improvements to speed up workflow. I also included some video from Adobe TV demonstrating some of the really cool new features of Dreamweaver CS4.

Here’s our list of some Dreamweaver CS4 reviews from across the web:

  • CreativePro – Tom Negrino rates Dreamweaver CS4 an 85 out of 100
  • Macworld – David Sawyer McFarland rates CS4 4.5 out of 5
  • cnet – rates 4 out of 5 stars – Thinks it’s too expensive (I think you get what you pay for)

There are many more sites that give reviews of Dreamweaver CS4, but they are all pretty similar in nature. There tend to be more pros than cons, and the commonly noted drawbacks are price and the fact that Dreamweaver CS4 is overkill for small sites and has a learning curve.

On the price issue, if you already have CS3 the upgrade is $199. This is Adobe’s normal upgrade pricing and I feel CS4 was worth the cost. If you are buying the full version, the $399 price tag may seem a little steep, but if you are serious about web design it’s not that big of a price tag.

CS4 probably is overkill if you only have a handful of small sites to maintain. Dreamweaver gives you a lot of power to build dynamic sites, and if you are just doing a static site with limited functionality, you’re probably better off using an online website creator or a free HTML editor.

    Dreamweaver CS4 videos from Adobe TV

    There are also some great videos over at Adobe TV that demonstrate some of the new features in Dreamweaver CS4. Here are a few:

    Inside the Dreamlabs: Dreamweaver CS4 Related Files

    Inside the Dreamlabs: Dreamweaver CS4 Code Navigator

    Inside the Dreamlabs: Dreamweaver CS4 Dataset Wizard

    Inside the Dreamlabs: Dreamweaver CS4 Live Preview

    These Dreamweaver CS4 videos and reviews should give you a pretty good insight into what Dreamweaver CS4 offers. My personal opinion is very positive and I do occasionally jump into CS3 to use some extensions that aren’t CS4 compatible yet. But 90% of my time is spent in CS4 and the migration to CS4 from CS3 took very little time. The new workspace layout is much more efficient and Live View is an excellent addition. If I was rating on a scale, I would give Dreamweaver CS4 high marks.

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    4 Responses to “Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Reviews”

    1. What would you suggest to purchase as far as training dvds or software or manuals that would teach me how to use Dreamweaver CS4?



    2. Ryan says:


      I haven’t seen much as far as video tutorials go for Dreamweaver CS4. has some very basic introductory information, but since CS4 hasn’t been released yet (as of Oct 11) there isn’t much out there right now for learning it. Once it has been released (hopefully Oct 15) you’ll probably start seeing tutorials and manuals appear rather quickly. will have more tutuorials available Oct 13th including Styling text, Dreamweaver integration, Adding multimedia and Managing and uploading sites. Pretty basic stuff, but more will be available soon.

      As far as books go, Amazon has quite a few listed for preorder including:

      Those would definitely get you started. Joe Lowery’s Dreamweaver Bible series is very good and I would recommend that if you’re looking for a book.

      Hope that helps!

    3. Chris says: is pretty good for video training. So is has a better subscription plan for single users though.

    4. Ryan says:

      I agree with you Chris. TotalTraining doesn’t have anything CS4 related yet and I personally have always been a fan of the training videos. $25 a month gets you a lot of instruction.