Download free CSS website layouts – XHTML and CSS validated!

We’ve posted a collection of pure CSS website layouts for download that we created with the CSS Sculptor Dreamweaver extension in order to showcase it’s speed and flexibility. We created over 25 layouts that all validate as XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 in less than 30 minutes!

Say goodbye to table-based design, as CSS Sculptor really makes creating standards-compliant CSS websites a breeze. The tabbed interface is intuitive and very simple to use, and the live preview window allows you to view your changes. A simple click opens the layout in a browser for preview. CSS Scupltor allows you to control every aspect of your design, from padding and margins to background images to rollover states. It even builds in the hacks for older browsers, so your layout is truly cross-browser compatible.

CSS Sculptor allows you to save your layouts as presets and use them repeatedly on other projects.  Even if you just tinker with web design, the time savings alone is worth the price of this extension.

Read more information on Eric Meyer’s CSS Sculptor

View or download the free CSS templates

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