Top Free CSS Resources on the Web

I doubt there’s many designers out there who haven’t implemented CSS to some extent in their designs, but harnessing the true power of CSS takes time and effort to learn. I come across CSS tutorials and tips sites all the time, and thought it would be worth the time to compile a list of other sites into a single post.  It’s primarily for my own reference, but if anyone else finds it useful, even better.

List of CSS Tools

Found at Smashing Magazine

This list requires a serious look. Links to over 40 CSS tools including font tools, form builders, layout generators, navigation tools, color tools, rounded corners, CSS compressors and optimizers, and more.

Top 10 CSS Tutorials

Found at Cameron Olthuis’ Blog

Great list of CSS techniques such as a Hoverbox Image Gallery, CSS Bar Graphs, free CSS Vertical menus, Listamatic, Floatutorial, Rounded Corners, 40 CSS Layouts, CSS Photo Gallery, CSS Drop Shadows and Style Sheet Switcher.

Onion Skinned Drop Shadows

Found at AListApart

Ever want to create image drop shadows using CSS?  Here’s the tutorial to show you how.

71 Free CSS Navigation Menus

Found at eConsultant 

This list actually is more than 71 menus, as many of the links include multiple menus. Everything from horizontal to vertical to multicolumn lists to flyout menus, you’ll find it here.

101 CSS Resources

Found at Jason Bartholme’s SEO Blog

This list of resources includes links to CSS templates and layouts, CSS tips and techniques, CSS tutorials, and CSS utilities.

The Complete List of CSS Tools

Found at Real World Software Development

This is ONE BIG LIST! Includes links to tools for creating user interfaces in CSS, accessibility checkers, formatters and optimizers, fonts, forms, layout, galleries, help guides, hacks, learning materials and tips and tricks.

60 Best CSS Design Websites

Found at Witty Sparks

A designer’s list of the best CSS sites on the web.  Top five sites listed are cssbeauty, cssdrive, stylegala, cssmania and cssremix.

Designing on a Dime: 100 Freebie CSS Resources

Found at

List of online resources for getting started in CSS, tutorials, tools, code libraries, browser bugs, galleries, templates, articles, and forums.

This list just scratches the surface of what’s available for free on the web. I’ll be adding more links as I come across them, so be sure to bookmark.

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