Embedding a YouTube Video in Dreamweaver

With video being all the rage, posting YouTube videos on your website can increase your visitor retention and you can broadcast streaming video without burdening your hosting server since the video is fed from the YouTube servers. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to embed a YouTube video into your Dreamweaver website.

When you find a relevant video on YouTube that you wish to include on your website, you will find a box similar to the box below next to the video.

The red circled code is the embed code needed in order to place the YouTube video on your site. Simply highlight and copy the code.

Next, go into Dreamweaver and paste the copied code into your website in CODE VIEW. The code should be placed between the <body></body> tags.

Save your site and upload to your server or preview locally. You should see the familiar YouTube video interface on your page.  Clicking the embedded video should start the video stream and your video will play.

Here’s the YouTube video describing how to insert a video in Dreamweaver 8.


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