Customizing Spry Menu Bars in Dreamweaver

The ability to quickly create Spry menu bars and multi-level navigation in Dreamweaver was an excellent addition to Dreamweaver CS3. Although it’s easy to insert a vertical or horizontal menu bar in DW, it’s not always clear how to customize the look of the menu bar. Here are some resources and tutorials that are good reference for creating custom Spry menu bars in Dreamweaver.

From the Horse’s Mouth

Straight from the Adobe Help Resource Center, here are a couple of links that detail the code that controls the appearance of the Spry menu bars.

An very complete guide to Spry menus can also be found at Adobe Labs:

Other Tutorials, Sites and Videos

  • Design Refugee has a good tutorial showing how to create and customize a vertical Spry menu bar
  • Matt Stow writes an excellent tutorial on the the Adobe Dreamweaver Developer Center showing how to create a Spry menu and reskin the menu using Adobe Fireworks. This is a must-read article!

Basic Video on Creating a Spry Menu Bar

Here’s a YouTube video showing how to insert a basic Spry menu bar in Dreamweaver CS3. Nothing fancy on customizing the menu, just a tutorial on how to insert the menu.


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