A good DHTML menu creator gets better

Likno Software has released version 5 of it’s popular AllWebMenus DHTML menu maker. Already one of the best javascript menu generators on the market, it’s now even better with the addition of some intense upgrades.

Here’s the added features and enhancements list that I lifted from their website (appologies to Likno):

  • All UNICODE languages/symbols now supported (international menus)  
  • Use your own HTML code on selected menu items to achieve enhanced formatting or advanced functionality, from a simple working link, up to forms, flash objects, search boxes, even full-scale web pages! (supported through the enhanced <Text> property)
  • New submenu appearance effects added with the ability to set
    custom appearance time delays (supported through the enhanced “Submenu Group Appears – How” property)
  • New submenu disappearance effects added with the ability to
    set custom disappearance time delays
    (supported through the new “Submenu Group Disappears – How” property)
  •  More stylish Themes are now included in the installation for free.
  • Floating Images can now be added to any of your menu items, allowing for even more creative menu implementations.
  • The Apply Theme dialog now allows you to view and choose Themes based on their <Type> (“Horizontal” or “Vertical”), facilitating your theme selection goals.
  • The Horizontal Menubar feature is now available for both Main Menu and Submenu Groups along with several enhancements, through the enhanced <Type> property.
  • Vertical Scrollbar for vertical Groups are now supported through the enhanced <Type> property.
  • Multiple Rows and Columns on Groups are now supported through the enhanced <Type> property.
  • A “Refresh” button now appears at the top-right corner of any property when its values are edited.
  • The “Menu Positioning” shortcut has been added.
  • The <Positioning> property is completely re-designed and enhanced, with a new positioning option added; you can now easily position your menu relative to an image existent in your pages.
  • The “Manual Trigger Groups – Get ID and Trigger Code” feature of the <Positioning> property is completely re-designed and enhanced. 
  • The <Border> property now supports a different border type, size and color for each side (top, right, bottom, left) of a Group or Item.
  • The “Ignore script in Preview Pane” option has been added in the ‘Project Properties -> Advanced Scripting’ form. 
  • The “Change Item to Hidden/Visible” command has been added. 
  • IE6 fix on select boxes (combos) now comes with more options to cover all cases (https websites for example).
  • The Main Menu Size now appears in Preview Pane, so that you have an estimation of how large the menu will render in actual browser. 
  • 20 new Textures added in Image Gallery.
  • 20 new Buttons added in Image Gallery.
  • 54 new Bullets and Arrows added in Image Gallery.
  • 40 Icons now available into the new “Icons” Category of Image Gallery.
  • New Example Menu Projects added.
  • “Add Item Before” action now available when building the Menu Structure.
  • The “Check for Updates” command has been moved to the “Help” menu from the “Tools” menu.
  • The <Text Decoration> property now supports the Overline and Strikethrough options.
  • Ability to use custom variables instead of actual text in certain text-related properties has been added, allowing for more “dynamic” content in menus. 
  • New “Server-Side Menus API Add-in” version available for adding database-driven or programmable functionality to your menus. (extra fee applies for API licenses)
  • Slide Menus (aka “sliding menus ” or “slide-in menus”) are now available.

If you haven’t taken a look at AllWebMenus to generate cross-browser javascript navigation, it’s worth a look. The cost is very reasonable and you can bundle it with Likno Web Button Maker or a theme pack to save some money. Likno provides a Dreamweaver extension to integrate AllWebMenus into your DW website. We have an AllWebMenus feature list on our website or you can jump over to Likno Software and check it out.

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