WebHostingHub Discount – Save 43% off Hosting

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WebHostingHub DiscountWe did a comprehensive review of WebHostingHub hosting plans and found their AMP (Account Management Panel) will really help new and beginner users get their accounts set up.

If you’re new to hosting and not sure where to start, the AMP walks you through the account setup process by using a series of intuitive questions. Based on your selections, it will give you the information you need such as FTP settings, allow you to send settings via email, or perform one-click script installs directly from within the hosting panel.

We have an exclusive WebHostingHub discount available that will give you hosting for only $3.95 a month. Hosting normally runs $6.95, so the discount will save you 43% off the regular price.

To take advantage of the discount without needing any type of coupon code, simply click here.

Read the full WebHostingHub review.

New NicheBuilder Template System Builds Niche Websites Fast

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Whether you’re building a client site, an affiliate marketing niche website or just have a need for some great niche header images, check out our new NicheBuilder template system.

NicheBuilder is an extremely flexible template that has a ton of features, CSS and images built-in so you can quickly modify and upload your site. Similar to some of our other Dreamweaver templates, it’s built upon the 960 grid system and incorporates a lot of jQuery functionality out of the box.

Easily choose from a variety of template layouts, controlling sidebar position and size, or even remove your sidebars entirely on specific pages.  The navigation uses the popular Superfish jQuery script and is easily configurable as a Dreamweaver library asset.  So now you can easily update your navigation site-wide when using multiple templates on your site. Continue reading…

New Dreamweaver Template Tutorials

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Just posted a series of tutorials on customizing our free Dreamweaver templates.

Tutorials cover unzipping the template files, creating a new site in Dreamweaver, making changes to templates to update HTML files, creating new HTML files from template .dwt files, customizing navigation and PSD graphics and using the 960 grid system to change template layout widths.

View template tutorials

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and the rest of the Creative Suite will be released for pre-orders on April 12th.  Adobe will be hosting a global online launch event on AdobeTV on that Monday, and you can register for your spot here. You’ll find out the new features that will be available with CS5 and also be able to be one of the first to get a copy of the newest version of Dreamweaver or any of the other Creative Suite programs.

More information will be posted once it’s released by Adobe on April 12.

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New Dreamweaver Templates Featuring the 960 Grid System

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Over the holiday break I had some time to create some new free Dreamweaver templates that are built on the 960 Grid System. The templates use a 12 column grid and a 30 pixel gutter. This is really the first time I had implemented the 960 grid into a template, so I’m still deciding if 30 pixels was too much gutter or if I should back it down to 20 pixels.

The Zoomba series of templates currently includes three free versions and one premium template. The free templates feature not only the 960 grid built into the CSS, but they also use a jQuery Superfish menu system. The Superfish menu is like Suckerfish on ‘roids, and it really is a nice fluid menu.

The premium Zoomba template includes everything the free versions do, but also has more templates, more jQuery built-in including several jQuery UI elements, and is a more complete website solution out of the box.

The Zoomba template is actually a framework for future templates, and each of the three free templates showcase a slightly different header/navigation configuration.

Check out the new Zoomba Dreamweaver templates and keep an eye out for more templates coming soon.

JustDreamweaver.com gets a facelift


ExtensionsOver the last month, JustDreamweaver.com has been undergoing a complete overhaul. Not just cosmetically, but under the hood as well.

In designing the new site, my goal was to create a much more productive visitor experience with easier to use navigation, much better organization, and faster page loads from streamlined code. I will be the first to admit that the old site was definitely not optimized in any way, and is testament that Google really doesn’t care if your site code is a little sloppy.

The new site was created from scratch using a CSS layout generated with CSS Sculptor. This is one of my favorite extensions for creating a W3C valid CSS page structure. I went with a two-column structure and dropped the cluttered navigation bar on the left side, to make it more visually appealling and also better readability. Continue reading…

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New Internet Marketing WordPress Theme to Make Money with your Blog

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I just released my new internet marketing WordPress theme called FlexSqueeze this week. You can take a look at it over at FlexibilityTheme.com .  How does a WordPress affiliate marketing theme relate to Dreamweaver? Because I created it in Dreamweaver, of course!

FlexSqueeze allows internet marketers to easily create squeeze pages in WordPress. With a one-click sales page function, you can take any page on your blog and instantly strip out the navigation and sidebars and all other blog appearance and drive your visitors to your call to action.

FlexSqueze has a new user-interface, so if you’re familiar with my Flexibility or Flexibility 2 themes, you’ll welcome the new tabbed interface. There is a new "Squeeze Page" tab where you can control your sales page background color, header image, link colors, footer color, headline fonts, overall page font size, and much more. All your squeeze page settings are independent from the rest of your blog settings, so if you run a blog on the domain as well, it will not change any of those settings.

I packaged FlexSqueeze with over 250 sales page graphics that can be used on your pages, and I also created another product called the Squeeze Page Vector Pack .  I originally created all the bitmap images included with FlexSqueeze in Fireworks, so as an additional product, I bundled up all the vector images and created both PNG and PSD versions of all the graphics.

If you are a WordPress blogger in need of a way to very quickly create squeeze pages or even complete minisites (there’s a video tutorial to show you how to do this), then take a look at FlexSqueeze and also the Squeeze Page Vector Pack. They are both available at FlexibilityTheme.com .

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DHTML/Flash Dreamweaver menu extensions


We just added some new Dreamweaver extensions to our lineup. The extensions include DW Tabbed Menus , DW Drop Down Menus and DW Vertical Menus . These are all also available in the DW Menu Pack , which is simply the three individual extensions bundled at a discount. For a limited time, you can get DW Image Show free with the purchase of the DW Menu Pack.

We’ve never offered a Flash menu system on our site before, and these menus actually combine DHTML and Flash to create attractive, search engine friendly navigation. I know what you’re saying, “but Flash doesn’t spider very well, so how can it be SE friendly?”. When the menus are created from the extension in Dreamweaver, it automatically generates a very spiderable bit of code that allows all your favorite search engines to find all the pages in your site. Continue reading…

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Learn to design CSS websites with CSS Designer Starter Kit

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If you’re still using table-based layouts for your websites, it’s time to learn how to design using CSS. There’s a brand new (and very affordable) software tutorial called CSS Designer Starter Kit that teaches you step-by-step how to take your Firework or Photoshop design comp to a full-featured CSS website design in Dreamweaver.

Learn the basics of CSS web design like creating multple column layouts, CSS navigation and using the CSS float property to control your layout structure and images. Use foreground and background images in various repeating patterns to reduce the size of your website code. Continue reading…

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Website designers have a great new resource in SuCasa

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SuCasa is a new CSS web design community site launched by WebAssist. SuCasa allows designers to download everything from Dreamweaver templates to CSS menus. Users of WebAssist’s CSS Menu Writer, CSS Sculptor and SiteAssist Professional can look for new templates, menus and sites to integrate into their WebAssist extensions.

“SuCasa delivers a ‘one-stop shop’ for web designers to sell and exchange their diverse and professional web designs to each other and to businesses, as well as individuals, looking to enhance their Web presence,” said Michael Lekse, Vice President Sales, WebAssist. “We are thrilled to see the immense growth of this online template community, and look forward to seeing small business owners, developers, and web designers alike benefit from SuCasa.”

For those who are knowledgeable in CSS and HTML and can develop their own templates, or are familiar with the Menu Writer or Sculptor interface, SuCasa allows designers to publish their works for sale on the site. WebAssist takes a small 10% fee for hosting and maintenance of the site, but the rest goes straight into your PayPal account. Continue reading…

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